Tiger Shroff, Sara Ali Khan, and Pashmina Roshan Team Up for Action-Packed Hero No. 1 with a Twist!!

In an exciting development, Tiger Shroff and Sara Ali Khan are set to star in the upcoming action film “Hero No. 1.” However, this film has a unique twist and is not related to the classic David Dhawan comedy of the same name. Let’s dive into the details of this thrilling project.

A New Hero No. 1

Tiger Shroff is all set to become the new Hero No. 1 in this action-packed thriller directed by Jagan Shakti. This ambitious project aims to bring back heroism in a grand way and create a unique cinematic experience.

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Not a Remake or Sequel

Despite the title’s resemblance to the classic film starring Govinda, Hero No. 1, this project is neither a remake nor a sequel. The team has chosen the title because it aligns with the story’s modern context:

The pre-production work for Hero No. 1 is in full swing, with the entire production team brimming with enthusiasm to bring this mission-based film to life. The story promises an array of interesting characters, including a formidable antagonist.

The team has grand ambitions for Hero No. 1, including shooting the film internationally in Europe. They plan to collaborate with an international action crew to elevate the action sequences and deliver an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Sara Ali Khan and Pashmina Roshan as Leading Ladies

In this film, Sara Ali Khan and Pashmina Roshan are set to play pivotal roles. Pashmina Roshan will portray Tiger Shroff’s primary love interest, adding an intriguing layer to the action-drama genre with a hint of science.

Tiger Shroff’s collaboration with Vashu Bhagnani, which includes films like “Ganpath” and “Bade Miyan Chote Miyan,” is set to culminate with ‘Hero No. 1.’ The actor had initially signed a three-film deal with Vashu Bhagnani’s production.

Tiger Shroff Hero No 1

Vivek Oberoi Joins the Cast

As per previous rumours, Vivek Oberoi has joined the cast of the film. While details about his character remain under wraps, his role is expected to be significant, making this project even more intriguing.

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Production Timeline

The film is expected to begin production in 2023, with the shoot commencing in London in January 2024. This project marks Jagan Shakti’s commitment to creating a film for Pooja Entertainment, and ‘Hero No. 1’ is one of his most ambitious endeavours.

In conclusion, Hero No. 1 is set to redefine heroism in the world of cinema, and with its unique storyline and cast, it promises to be an action-packed entertainer that fans won’t want to miss. Ensure you’re always ahead of the curve by staying connected to Digi Hind News for the latest updates and articles.

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