Richa Chadha’s Experience Shooting Abroad and Her Plans for the Future!!

In a recent conversation, talented actor Richa Chadha opened up about her time shooting in London for her upcoming international production, “Aaina.” Despite being away from home for extended periods, she shares insights into her personal life and work abroad.

Shooting in London for Aaina

Richa Chadha recently returned to Mumbai after nearly two months of shooting in London for her next project, Aaina:

While she’s accustomed to lengthy overseas shoots, she acknowledges that being away from home presents its own set of challenges.

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Adjusting to a Nomadic Lifestyle

Richa mentions that as actors, they become accustomed to travelling and staying away from home due to their profession. This nomadic lifestyle is part and parcel of their careers. However, she admits that she does experience bouts of homesickness.

Battling Homesickness

Richa candidly reveals that she often feels homesick while abroad. She misses Indian food, spices, people, and most importantly, her family and friends. This sentiment is often reflected in her social media posts as she shares her experiences and longing for home.

To combat homesickness, Richa immerses herself in her work. She finds solace in the exciting aspects of shooting in a beautiful city like London during the peak of summer. Despite the challenges posed by the bustling tourist scene, she appreciates the experience.

Richa Chadha Future Plans

Aaina: An Indo-UK Production

Richa Chadha’s first international project, “Aaina,” is an Indo-UK production. She emphasizes that she is hesitant to label it as her “debut international project.” Working with co-star William Moseley from “Chronicles of Narnia” has been a delightful addition to her career.

In “Aaina,” Richa aims to portray the nuances of being an immigrant striving to make a living in an expensive city like London. Her role delves into the challenges faced by those trying to scrape together a livelihood in a foreign land.

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Future Plans in the West

When asked about her plans for more international work, Richa Chadha expresses uncertainty about her path in the Western entertainment industry. While she hopes for promising opportunities, she has no concrete plans. She mentions that a strike is currently taking place in Los Angeles, which might affect her decision-making.

Richa concludes by expressing gratitude for filming Aaina in the UK. She appreciates the enjoyable experience and the long-awaited start of the project.

In summary, Richa Chadha’s journey in the world of international cinema holds promise, and her portrayal in Aaina is expected to shed light on immigrant experiences while showcasing her versatile acting skills. Stay informed and ahead of the game with Digi Hind News and our exclusive updates and articles.

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