Zeenat Aman’s Wisdom: Rising Above Gossips When The Times Magazine Called Her Cursed!!

Zeenat Aman, the renowned actress of years, recently shared valuable life lessons on her Instagram. In a heartfelt post, she reflected on her journey in the spotlight, where she faced misleading headlines and malicious stories in the 80s.

Zeenat Aman’s words offer wisdom about not allowing others’ opinions to define one’s life. Let’s delve into her empowering message.

Malicious Headlines and Gossip

In her Instagram post, Zeenat Aman opened up about how tabloids in the 80s carried “vicious” headlines about her. She shared cover pages of magazines that portrayed her life negatively.

Veteran actress Zeenat Aman shared memories from the late 1970s to the 1990s through old magazine covers on her Instagram. She revealed what these magazines accused her of during that time:


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According to these headlines, in 1979, she had cursed herself, in 1982, she was being targeted, in 1984, she was out of sync, in 1985, she was heading for self-destruction, and in 1998, she was shattered. Zeenat Aman admitted that she couldn’t relate to the image created by these tabloids.

She expressed that she couldn’t recognize herself in the way they portrayed her. Sometimes, they praised her, but the next day, they would say cruel things.

They rarely checked their facts and never apologized for their mistakes. When they did get something right, it often invaded her privacy. The false stories they spread took a toll on her, causing her anxiety, anger, and sadness.

Zeenat also shared an incident where she confronted an editor about a harmful story. The editor made excuses but never apologized. This made her realize it was pointless to challenge the image they wanted to create. Despite being undignified, their main goal was to sell magazines.

She decided not to take it personally and learned to toughen up, understanding that people will always talk, and their opinions shouldn’t define her life.

Impact of False Stories

The veteran actress described the turmoil caused by these sensational stories. She revealed how headlines could change from flattering to cruel overnight, often without fact-checking or apology for errors.

These so-called “scandals” took a toll on her, causing anxiety, outrage, and grief. Zeenat Aman remembered confronting an editor once, only to receive excuses and no apology. This experience made her realize that challenging the persona created by tabloids was futile.

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Empowering Perspective of Zeenat Aman

Despite the hardships, Zeenat Aman’s skin toughened over time. She understood that the tabloids’ sole interest was selling their magazines, and they would go to great lengths to do so.

Zeenat Aman made a conscious decision not to take these stories personally. She shared her empowering perspective, saying, “All this is just to say – people will always find reason to talk, and so it’s probably best not to allow their opinion or perception to define your life. You can do that for yourself.”

Time Magazine Called Zeenat Aman Cursed

Zeenat Aman’s Another Empowering Post

This isn’t the first time Zeenat Aman has shared valuable insights on her Instagram. In a post titled “This is a caption for men,” she emphasized the importance of male confidence.

She shared a picture of her son, Zahaan Khan, holding her handbag and encouraged men not to shy away from helping the women in their lives. She stressed that nothing signals insecurity like a man who’s uncomfortable with items associated with women:


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Conclusion: Rising Above Gossip

Zeenat Aman’s journey through fame has been marked by resilience and wisdom. Her ability to rise above malicious gossip and misleading headlines serves as an inspiring example for all.

Her recent Instagram posts not only reflect her strength but also offer valuable life lessons. Zeenat Aman’s enduring grace continues to inspire us to focus on defining our own lives rather than letting others shape our perceptions.

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