In Udaipur, Two Cars Fell Into a Collapsed Old Drain!!

Udaipur As a result of the collapse of the CC that had been built over the drain next to Ashok Nagar Main Road, two cars were swept away. We regret to inform you that the Udaipur Municipal Corporation has been put at risk by the persistent rain that has fallen for the past two days. watch video

Happily, no one was in the area when the CC malfunctioned. That’s why no one got hurt and the potential for a catastrophic disaster was thwarted. Major damage may have been caused to the vehicle if anyone had been in the vicinity.

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Open drains in the city of Udaipur were renovated thanks to Smart City funding. As a result, many are starting to wonder about the legitimacy of the city’s Smart City-funded building projects. In the pursuit of prizes and a top-two finish in the smart city rating, sloppy work is being done quickly. Udaipur Municipal Corporation and Smart City construction has been questioned due to the recent rain.

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