Rajasthan Teacher Slapped, Head & Face Blackened for ‘molesting’ Ganganagar Girl Student!!

Police say the relatives of a girl student at a government school battered and blackened the face and head of the instructor who was accused of assaulting her. A video of the event spread widely on social media, bringing the situation to light.

The student’s family has filed a case against the teacher, Rajesh, in Rajasthan’s Ganganagar district, where the alleged molestation of the 16-year-old occurred.

A second FIR has been filed by the teacher against the girl’s family

In retaliation for the beating he took at the hands of the girl’s relatives, Rajesh has filed a cross FIR. According to Karanpur Circle Officer Sudha Palawat, the student’s family members arrived at the school after hearing about the alleged molestation event and beat the accused. His hair and face were likewise dyed black.

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This issue is currently being looked into

The CO reported that a case was filed against the government educator on Saturday, and on Sunday, the educator filed a cross FIR. The situation is being looked at. So far, no one has been taken into custody,” she continued.

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