Uttar Pradesh Minister Ashish Patel Injured in Convoy Collision!!

In a recent incident on the Mirzapur-Prayagraj Highway near Meja Road, Uttar Pradesh Cabinet Minister Ashish Patel found himself in an unfortunate situation when the government vehicle he was traveling in collided with another vehicle in his convoy. This unexpected collision occurred due to emergency brakes being applied by the leading vehicle in the convoy to prevent a potential accident involving a motorcycle.

The Incident

The collision resulted in Minister Ashish Patel sustaining injuries to his leg and chest. The impact was significant, leading to immediate concern and action.

As soon as the police were notified of the accident, a police team, accompanied by senior district officers, promptly arrived at the scene. Their swift response ensured that the injured minister received immediate medical attention.

Medical Care at Mirzapur Trauma Center

Minister Ashish Patel was swiftly transported to the hospital, where he is currently undergoing treatment at the Mirzapur Trauma Center.

Uttar Pradesh Minister Ashish Patel Injured
Uttar Pradesh Minister Ashish Patel Injured

Visuals from the scene showed dedicated medical professionals attending to his injuries, assuring the public of their commitment to his well-being.

Anupriya Patel: Union Minister and Party President

Ashish Patel is not just a cabinet minister but also the husband of Anupriya Patel, Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industry in the Government of India. Anupriya Patel is a prominent figure in Indian politics and also serves as the president of the Apna Dal (S) party.

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Wedding Anniversary Coincidence

Remarkably, the day of the accident marked the 14th wedding anniversary of this influential political couple. Anupriya Patel acknowledged this special day with a heartfelt post on social media. She expressed, “Walking on the zig-zag path of life, we both gained and lost something.” In another post, she philosophically reflected, “The truth is, we are all mere characters on the stage of life.”

This unexpected incident serves as a reminder that life can take unexpected turns, even for those in positions of power and influence. The prompt response from the authorities and the immediate medical attention provided to Minister Ashish Patel underscore the importance of safety and preparedness on the road.

As we await further updates on the minister’s condition, we extend our heartfelt wishes for his speedy recovery and a peaceful journey ahead for the couple on this significant day.

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