Look! V of BTS Teams Up With NewJeans to Make Some Sweet ‘Hybe Boy’ Threads!!

V, aka Kim Taehyung of BTS, recently collaborated with rising girl group NewJeans, showcasing his incredible dance talents.

Speculations were confirmed when a video leaked online showing V dancing in perfect sync with the band to their smash single “Hype Boy.”


The fan account @charts_k uploaded the video on X (previously Twitter) after it had been shared on TiTok by NewJeans.

V began the short spectacular with some of his trademark facial expressions, and then the other members of NewJeans entered the bright studio.

V and NewJeans then put on a mesmerizing exhibition of synchronized steps, seamlessly integrating their moves. The short culminated in a stunning image of V striking a stance surrounded by the outstanding girl ensemble.

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Fans couldn’t wait to express their joy on social media. “I can’t say how loud I screamed after watching this!” exclaimed one admirer in rapturous approval. One fan said, “The video is so addictive; I’ve been replaying it non-stop.”

Look! V of Bts Teams Up With Newjeans to Make Some Sweet 'hybe Boy' Threads!!
Look! V of Bts Teams Up With Newjeans to Make Some Sweet ‘hybe Boy’ Threads!!

One fan asked, “After Jimin and V, who’s up next? “indicating a desire for more such pairings. The tension is too much to bear.

V quickly left for Japan on a business trip, proving that his artistic talents were not limited to the dance floor. Wearing a getup that is both relaxed and stylish,

V’s cordial contacts with the paparazzi and fans at the airport were memorable moments for both groups.

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