Tragic Loss: What Led To Vijay Antony Daughter Death?

An Indian musician named Vijay Antony also works as a playback vocalist, actor, film editor, lyricist, audio engineer, and producer of movies. The Tamil film industry was startled by Vijay Antony’s daughter, Meera Antony’s suicide, and the 16-year-old had apparently been under mental stress for the previous few months. Here is all the information you want regarding the heartbreaking loss.

How Did Vijay Antony’s Daughter’s Death Occur?

On Tuesday, Vijay Antony’s daughter died by suicide. Meera was born in 2007 and was Vijay Antony and Fatima’s eldest daughter. She was enrolled in a private school in Chennai for her class 12 studies with plans to pursue a career in medicine. According to early accounts, Meera appears to have been stressed out for the past few days for reasons that are still unclear.

Check out the tweet below, which confirms the passing of Vijay Antony’s daughter.

On Wednesday, the funeral was held in Chennai. An emotional Vijay Antony expressed his grief over her passing on his social media accounts, claiming that he had also died internally. Meera will always be with him, according to Vijay Antony, and he would devote anything auspicious he starts to her.

How Did Vijay Antony's Daughter's Death Occur
How Did Vijay Antony’s Daughter’s Death Occur

As said by Vijay Antony on X (formerly known as Twitter),  “My daughter Meera is the most kind-hearted and brave. She has left this world and gone where there is no creed, caste, religion, money, jealousy, pain, poverty, or evil. She has gone to a place that is peaceful. (I feel) she is still talking to me.” He added, “I also died from within when she died. Now, I have started to spend time with her.”

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The emotional letter was concluded by Vijay with the words, “Any good deed that I will start will be under her name. I believe all these will be started by her.”

Read Vijay Antony’s letter in the official tweet below:

Even Vijay Antony’s wife, Fatima was reportedly inconsolable at the funeral on Wednesday. A distraught Fatima was reported as declaring that she carried her daughter in the womb, and her daughter had the opportunity to speak to her.

Trigger Warning: In the early hours of Tuesday, September 19, in Chennai, Meera Antony, the daughter of Vijay Antony, committed suicide. She was sixteen. She was taken to the hospital after being discovered dead at 3 a.m. in the family’s Chennai home.

Her demise was pronounced then and there. Meera was allegedly discovered hanging in her home in the Teynampet neighborhood of Chennai early on Tuesday morning.

We only know that much about Vijay Antony’s daughter’s death. Visit Digi Hind News for more information of this nature.

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