Vinesh Phogat Husband: A Tale Of Love, Support, And Achievements!!

Wrestler Vinesh Phogat hails from India. She made history as the first female wrestler from India to win gold in both the Asian and Commonwealth Games. The only female wrestler from India to win several medals at the World Wrestling Championships is Vinesh. In 2019, Vinesh became the first athlete from India to receive a nomination for the Laureus World Sports Awards. Everything there is to know about Vinesh Phogat husband will be covered in this article!

Vinesh Phogat Husband

Somvir Rathee is the name of Vinesh Phogat husband. Her husband, Somvir Rathee, is an accomplished grappler from India who has received two gold medals from the public. Somvir hails from the Indian province of Haryana, specifically the Jind locality.

Vinesh Phogat Husband
Vinesh Phogat Husband

Somvir Rathi, who lives in the town of Gadwali Kheda in the Jind district of Haryana, is employed by the railroads and possesses grappling expertise. He is currently employed in Rajasthan as a TTE.


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Vinesh Phogat’s Children

We don’t currently have any information about Vinesh’s children, and there isn’t any information online either. As soon as we learn anything new regarding the kids of Vinesh, we’ll let you know.

Family Of Vinesh Phogat

Prem Lata Phogat is Vinesh’s mother, while Rajpal Singh Phogat is her father. Priyanka Phogat is her sister, and Harvinder Phogat is her brother. A silver medal was earned by her sister, Priyanka Phogat, an Indian female wrestler, at the 2016 Asian Wrestling Championships.

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Early Years And Life

Vinesh is the cousin of wrestlers Geeta and Babita and the daughter of wrestler Rajpal Phogat. In the 55 kg division, both of Vinesh’s relatives have medalled in the Commonwealth Games. Vinesh’s father and uncle faced a lot of pressure and opposition from the community in their village in Haryana for letting him and his cousins pursue competitive wrestling. They concluded that Vinesh was acting contrary to their community’s beliefs and values.

Rise To Prominence

During the world tournament, Vinesh was awarded her first medal. In 2018, she competed in the 50 kg category and won gold in the Asian and Commonwealth Games. In the 53 kg final of the Matteo Pellicone Ranking Series in Rome, the 26-year-old defeated Diana Mary Helen Weicker of Canada 4-0.

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