What Did Mij Do To The Box? A Puzzling Discovery!!

A story called Mijbil the Otter appears in the NCERT book for Class 10. Gavin Maxwell is the story’s author. The author of this tale describes how choosing to retain an otter changed his life. He also describes his travels and his interactions with Mijbil, also known as Mij. The trip starts with a flight from Iraq to London.

In flight, the otter wreaked havoc and terrified everyone. Nonetheless, the author was able to travel with Mijbil thanks to a kind flight hostess. We’ll cover all there is to know about what did Mij do to the box in this article.

What Did Mij Do To The Box?

After placing Mij in the box, Maxwell departed to have dinner. Upon his return, he witnessed a terrifying scene. The box was silent, silent, silent. But blood had seeped and dried out of its chinks and air holes around the lid. He yanked open the lid and removed the latch. Mij groaned and clutched his leg, bloody and fatigued. It had ripped the box’s liner to pieces. He took the remainder of it off, making sure there were no more sharp edges.

What Did Mij Do To The Box
What Did Mij Do To The Box

Summary Of Mijbil The Otter

The writer and his friend set out for Basra at the beginning of the story. During their adventure, the author explains that he decided to domesticate an otter because he was lonely after losing his favourite dog. His friend suggested that he obtain one from the Iraqi Marshes beside the Tigris River. They learned that only their friend’s mail had arrived when they arrived at their location.

The friend moved out a few days later, and the narrator was still waiting for his message. When he returned to his chamber after receiving it, he found an otter who had been introduced to him in a sack, along with the assistance of Arabs with a message. He gave the otter the name Mijbil, or just Mij.

Mij needed some time to adjust to his new environment. Mij loved to play with water and picked up how to turn on the faucet by himself. Although the time was going rather quickly in Basra, it was finally time to return to London. He had to arrange for a different flight because British Airlines does not allow pets, but Mij could go in a box.

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An hour before the flight, the narrator placed him in a box and went to eat. When he returned, he discovered that Mij had punched holes in the box and ruined the inside lining. Blood was gushing out of the holes as a result. With just ten minutes until the plane took off, he panicked and raced to the airport.

He promptly arrived at the airport after cleaning the box. He also told the air hostess about the entire experience, and she recommended that he put the container on his lap. Gavin was appreciative of her generosity toward him. He opened the container, and the otter leapt out and vanished, causing mayhem in the air. The travellers had been terrified.

After taking him to Gavin once more, the air hostess finally brought him to London. Marbles and ping-pong balls were two things Mij loved. He also created a reconstruction using the shattered bag of the narrator.

When the narrator took him for a stroll, Londoners conjectured about the animal. Some believe him to be a baby seal, squirrel, or even a hippopotamus. The author received the most startling response when a labourer who was excavating the pit questioned, “What’s that purported to be?”

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