When the Mother Did Not Give Her Share in the Property, the Kalyugi Son Cut the Neck of the Birth Mother and Severed Her Body

The son of Kalyugi severed the mother’s neck from her body after she refused to cede her portion of the property. Carrying the neck, the murderer’s son continued to wander the village.

In the village of Mirzapur in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, 35-year-old Dinesh, who is the son of Hardwari Lal, sliced his mother’s throat. Sarojini wed Chhatarpal, also from the same village, 26 years after Hardwari Lal passed away.

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After his father purchased six bighas of land in his mother’s name, the young man said his mother refused to give him a single inch of the property. The young man slashed Mother Sarojini’s neck in the afternoon, severed her neck, and then continued to wander the hamlet with the severed head.

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