Woman Dresses as Scary Nun and Walks the Streets of Delhi in Viral Video

A woman in a terrifying nun costume walks the streets of New Delhi in a video that has become popular on Instagram. She walks among the crowds and sits on benches next to strangers, and she occasionally peeks out of a car window to terrify them. After first amusing those faced on the ground, the Halloween-themed prank appeared to catch the attention of netizens.


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VIDEO: Does the Nun Frighten Anyone?

The make-up artist, who is based in the nation’s capital, intended for the reel to showcase her beautiful work. The woman’s attempt to scare people with her nun garb appeared to have worked. An audience member in the video responds to her makeover by saying, “Real lag raha hai ye toh (This looks real).” Right on cue, a bystander in Delhi chimed in, “Literally real!”
The Instagram video has almost 7 million views

Since it was posted in October of this year, the video has racked up over seven million views on Instagram. The bizarre clip, which has the ability to give viewers the chills and make them run away in horror, has gone viral, garnering over seven million views and thousands of likes on YouTube alone.

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Web users chime in

Thousands upon thousands of internet users had their say after viewing the clip and the ‘nun’ on the streets of Delhi. “Oh my god. Best thing I saw on the internet today,” read another comment; a third lauded the makeup. “You are amazing.”

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