Jammu, 13 August: Missing Italian Trekker’s Body Foun; Injured Mountaineer Rescued by Indian Air Force in Ladakh

In a significant development, the lifeless body of a 39-year-old Italian trekker, who had been missing, was discovered. At the same time, a separate operation led by the Indian Air Force (IAF) successfully saved an injured mountaineer in the rugged terrain of Ladakh. This incident took place on Sunday.

The remains of Davide Marcella were retrieved through the collaborative efforts of the police, the Union Territory Disaster Response Force (UTDRF), and the “Forever in Operation” division of the Army from the challenging Charchar La Pass along the Leh-Zangla trail.

Anayat Ali Chowdhary, the Senior Superintendent of Police in Kargil, informed PTI about this operation.

Discovery of the Foreign Trekker’s Body

Davide Marcella had gone missing in the treacherous terrains while undertaking a hiking expedition from Leh to Zangla in Himachal Pradesh. He was last seen in Hankar on July 23.

Chowdhary revealed that the joint rescue mission was launched from Kargil, and with the invaluable assistance of local guides, the foreigner’s body was recovered and subsequently handed over to the designated guardian after all legal procedures were completed.

Jammu, 13 August Missing Italian Trekker's Body Found; Injured Mountaineer Rescued by Indian Air Force in Ladakh
Jammu, 13 August Missing Italian Trekker’s Body Found; Injured Mountaineer Rescued by Indian Air Force in Ladakh

Overcoming Formidable Obstacles

Chowdhary praised the rescuers for their dedication, highlighting their determination to overcome the rugged terrain and to traverse upstream to ensure the retrieval of the body within a concise span of two days.

Notably, a team of five UTDRF personnel embarked on a mission to locate the missing foreigner the previous week. However, due to the challenging circumstances, the Indian Air Force (IAF) had to carry out a daring airlift operation from the Markha Valley.

The Heroic Rescue Operation

During the rescue operation, a single-engine helicopter of the IAF ventured into uncharted territory and narrow valleys, devoid of any level ground or suitable landing features.

These courageous efforts were aimed at rescuing the trapped UTDRF personnel. Additionally, in another successful mission, the IAF facilitated the evacuation of an injured mountaineer from the base camp of the towering 7,135-meter-high Mt Nun, the loftiest peak in Ladakh’s Zanskar Valley.

IAF’s Helicopter Plays Vital Role

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Army in Leh shared a tweet on Sunday, announcing, “114 HU (helicopter unit) #Leh of Indian Air Force successfully evacuated an injured mountaineer from Mt Nun base camp in a daring rescue op (operation).” This announcement was accompanied by a few videos and images capturing the operation.

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IAF’s Swift Response to Requisition

Officials affirmed that the IAF promptly launched the rescue operation based on the request of Kargil’s Deputy Commissioner, Shrikant Balasaheb Suse.

This requisition was made after receiving information about an Indian mountaineer who had sustained head injuries. Thanks to the efficient operation, the injured mountaineer was rescued and transported to a hospital by the IAF.

This incident highlights the crucial role played by the Indian Air Force in swiftly responding to emergencies, ensuring the safety of individuals, and accomplishing daring rescue missions even in the most challenging environments.

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