Spear Stolen From Meerut Neeraj Chopra Statue; Video Goes Viral

The spear from the hands of a statue erected in honor of India’s first gold medalist in Track and field sports, Neeraj Chopra, was allegedly stolen, which could lead to widespread derision. The javelin champion’s spear was removed from his hands in the statue that is part of the Sports City Promotion at Hapur Base. The theft of the spear stunned the community, and word quickly spread throughout the area.

The statue is located in the heart of the marketplace, and the spread was probably taken while everyone was sleeping. Neeraj Chopra won India’s first gold medal in Men’s javelin throw (track and field sports), and a large statue honoring his achievement stands in his honor.

The town’s residents and law enforcement officers were surprised to discover the spear was missing from the statue, which stands higher than a typical two-story structure.

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Several accounts claim that nighttime police refueling takes place in the bazaar district. Even more shocking is the presence of a CCTV camera directly behind the statue. Despite this, the thieves were able to make off with the spear. The police have claimed they are looking into the situation.

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