Up: 2 Molesters Left Female Student Dead in Ambedkar Nagar Shot While Fleeing; Images Surface

On Friday (September 15) in Ambedkar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, a schoolgirl was killed after a gang of guys pulled her dupatta, causing her to lose her balance and get run over by a passing bicycle. Now, just one day later, on Sunday (September 17), the UP police shot the accused molesters Shahbaz and Faisal in an encounter.

It was alleged that the suspects had fled the site in an attempt to evade capture. The authorities shot two of them in the legs as they ran away. The third suspect is rumored to be a kid who injured his leg before turning himself in. Images of police officers carrying the wounded with the aid of support while the suspects’ legs hang limp to reveal their bullet wounds have surfaced online. As of yet, no information has been made public regarding the health of the suspects.

This Tragic Occurrence

The 17-year-old victim was returning home from school when she was attacked by Hanswar natives Shahbaz and his brother Arbaaz. While traveling on a motorcycle, Shahbaz and Arbaaz are accused of teasing and outraging her modesty by pulling her dupatta. The girl stumbled while attempting to re-drape her dupatta.

Simultaneously, another young man, Faisal, from the Hanswar police station area, was driving past and accidentally ran over her head with his motorcycle. The victim had his jaw fractured and his skull severely injured; he later died of internal bleeding.

Police arrested Mohammed Faisal, Shahbaz, and Arbaaz, all in their early 20s, on Saturday after a video of the event went viral on social media

2 Molesters Left Female Student Dead in Ambedkar Nagar Shot While Fleeing
2 Molesters Left Female Student Dead in Ambedkar Nagar Shot While Fleeing

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Documented Incidents

As commuters hurried the victim to the hospital, she was pronounced dead; the perpetrators had already departed the area. On Friday, Ajit Kumar Sinha, the superintendent of police in Ambedkar Nagar, announced that police had detained the three suspects and filed charges against them for outraging modesty and causing death by negligence.

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