14 Peddlers Arrested in Bengaluru: ₹7.89 Crore Worth of Drugs Seized!!

In a groundbreaking crackdown on drug trafficking, Bengaluru City police, in collaboration with the Anti-Narcotic wing of the Central Crime Branch (CCB), recently achieved a remarkable feat. They seized narcotics with an estimated street value of ₹7.89 crores and apprehended 14 individuals involved in the illicit drug trade.

Among the arrested were three foreigners, making it one of the largest drug busts in the state. This operation not only exposed the presence of a previously unseen drug in the state but also unveiled a complex web of international drug trafficking.

In this report, we delve into the details of this significant operation, shedding light on the seized substances, the modus operandi of the peddlers, and the measures taken by law enforcement to dismantle this drug syndicate.

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Bengaluru Police Crack Down on Drug Syndicate

In a significant operation, the Bengaluru City police, in collaboration with the Anti-Narcotic wing of the Central Crime Branch (CCB), apprehended 14 individuals involved in drug trafficking:

The total value of the seized narcotics stands at ₹7.89 crores. This operation marked one of the largest drug busts in the state, with three foreigners among those taken into custody.

The haul included a drug previously unseen in the state – Mephedrone. Law enforcement confiscated 1,800 grams of this substance, revealing that peddlers were selling it for ₹15,000 per gram.

Additionally, the authorities seized various other drugs, including 182 kg of ganja, 16.2 kg of MDMA crystals, 1.45 kg of hashish oil, 135 ecstasy pills, 80 grams of cocaine, 155 grams of MDMA ecstasy pink powder, and 65 grams of MDMA ecstasy brown powder.

Among the arrested individuals, a Nigerian national named Oguejiofor Tochukwu Francis was found in possession of drugs worth ₹1.8 crore. He had been operating in India since 2012, sourcing drugs from multiple locations and selling them in the city.

The police also nabbed four peddlers who possessed hashish oil worth ₹1.3 crore. These individuals had sourced the oil from Andhra Pradesh and packaged it in syringes for distribution. Their names are Suresh, Akshay, Aditya, and Saiee Chaithanya.

14 Peddlers Arrested Drugs Seized in Bengaluru

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Furthermore, three peddlers transporting 200 kg of ganja in a car were apprehended. These individuals, identified as Kunna Sunna, Jalandar, and Jagadish, had acquired the ganja from Orissa and were selling it in bulk to local peddlers.

In a separate raid, foreign nationals Thoru Mustafa and Enimo Peter, both Nigerian, were found with MDMA crystals valued at ₹1.05 crore.

The operation also resulted in the confiscation of eight mobile phones, two cars, a scooter, and weighing machines, all linked to the drug trade.

Bengaluru City Police Commissioner B. Dayananda confirmed that this successful operation had resulted in the registration of seven separate cases at police stations in Varthur, Banashankari, Vidyaranyapura, Cottonpet, and Kadugodi.

These arrests and seizures occurred over the course of a week, signalling a major crackdown on drug-related criminal activities in the city. Join forces with Digi Hind News as your confederate in the realm of knowledge, uncovering exclusive updates and enriching articles.

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