Ghaziabad loan case: A car with a BJP logo ran over a roadside pedestrian in Kavi Nagar

In other news from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, a horrific video depicting extreme brutality and cruelty committed by one human being against another has just gone viral online. The disturbing clip was filmed in Ghaziabad, and it shows one man driving carelessly and hitting another man sitting in the street.

The incident reportedly occurred around 12.30 a.m. on Tuesday near the bridge of RDC Rajnagar in the Kavi Nagar police station area. Reportedly caught on camera by a young person’s mobile phone as they drove by in another vehicle at the time of the event.

This video contains disturbing images.

A man was spotted sitting in the road in the center of the fatal crash footage. While this happened, a white automobile approached him and ran him over. The unfortunate individual crawled under the car as soon as the incident occurred.

The driver of the automobile continued, dragging the man after him. It is unclear if the suspect first attempted to run the victim over with the vehicle or tried to suffocate him under the wheels.

As soon as the automobile ran over the victim, the guys filming the incident yelled an alert and forced the offender to pull over. Two young people immediately jumped off the moving vehicle to help the man trapped underneath.

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By then, the victim trapped under the car had unfortunately passed away from the severe injuries he had sustained at the hands of the car’s driver.

The driver may have been intoxicated and attempted to flee the accident scene. There were, however, bystanders who might have stopped him from getting away.

However, the deceased’s identity was not established till today.

Incriminating ‘BJP MLA Representative’ Sticker Found on Suspect’s Vehicle

A Car With a Bjp Logo Ran Over a Roadside Pedestrian in Kavi Nagar
A Car With a Bjp Logo Ran Over a Roadside Pedestrian in Kavi Nagar

The car involved in the accident clearly displayed political affiliation; the sticker read “BJP MLA Representative.” However, until recently, not even the driver’s identity was known. The footage shows that the youths who intervened were able to capture him.

Rapid Police Action Leads to Arrest of Suspect

The ACP of the Kavi Nagar police station gave a press conference, explaining what had happened. He stated that a case had been opened at his station and that the suspect and the vehicle involved in the fatal incident had been taken into custody.

A video of a person sitting on the road and being struck by a car has gone popular online, and his death was ruled an accident.

According to the ACP at the Kavi Nagar police station, the investigation is being handled there because it involves the Kavi Nagar neighborhood. There were no identifying documents besides the body. Thus, the deceased has not yet been identified.

The automobile was taken into custody along with the suspected driver. Preemptive legal action is being taken, he said.

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