Mass Murder in Jodhpur: 4 Family Members, Including 6-month-old Infant Killed, Bodies Burnt; Disturbing Visuals

On Wednesday morning, police discovered the burned remains of four members of one family, including a baby younger than six months old, at a home in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

The attackers tried to murder them by slitting their throats and burning their bodies together. As the morning progressed, residents of the nearby Chaurai village noticed smoke coming from a home, alerting authorities to the unfortunate event.

They immediately contacted police and emergency personnel, who hurried to the scene. Murdered by slitting their throats and setting them on fire, Police were notified about the incident at approximately 3:00 AM, according to local media.

The victim’s loved ones had taken refuge in the house’s courtyard. The accused allegedly broke into the home, slashed the victims’ throats with a sharp object, and then gathered their bodies into a pile before setting them ablaze.

Mass Murder in Jodhpur: 4 Family Members
Mass Murder in Jodhpur: 4 Family Members

The crime scene is being investigated by police and the forensics team, who collect crucial evidence. At this time, it is unclear what prompted the mass murder.

Warning, the images that follow may be upsetting to some readers.

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Finding the Victims

According to Assistant Sub-Inspector Amna Ram, the victims’ bodies have been recognized. Poonaram (55), his wife Bhanwari (50), their daughter-in-law Dhapu (24), and their 6-month-old baby were all found in a state of smoldering decomposition.

Even though the other bodies were somewhat scorched, the fire utterly destroyed the infant. The police released details about the deceased’s relatives.

Since there were no traces of a break-in, it has been speculated that personal enmity was the driving force for the murders, even though the victims mainly worked in agriculture. This issue is currently being looked at more thoroughly.

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