‘Bhaiya, Mujhe…’, a disturbing video A group of men thrash and kick a woman despite her pleading in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh!!

A horrific video showing a gang of men hitting a woman in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, has gone viral online. On August 12, it was reported that a woman was being pulled and kicked by a group of men at a Sagar bus terminus, even though she called them “bhaiya” (brother) and begged them to stop.

The mom, who appeared to be lost with her kid around five months old, is beaten up in the video. She can be seen pleading with him in the video: “Bhaiya, mujhe mere parivaar se milwa do” (Brother, please, help me find my family). Nonetheless, the uncaring crowd beat him up.

The MP Congress shared the footage on X (previously Twitter), stating that the woman had forgotten to pay the money after purchasing milk for her young kid, prompting the shopkeeper to become abusive and physically violent with him.

The store owners, however, insist that she was engaged in a theft spree. She has burglarized multiple grocery stores.

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The Gopalganj Police have opened an investigation after receiving multiple complaints over the viral video.

One suspect has been arrested, and the hunt is on for the others.

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