In Viral Video, Tamil Nadu Stray Dogs Drag 5-year-old Girl in Hosur, Man Saves Her

Horrifying news has come out of Hosur, Tamil Nadu. On Sunday, three strays assaulted a young girl, 5, who was on her way to school. The girl was strolling down the street when the dogs pounced on her, yanked her to the ground, and dragged her until a guy came to her aid, all seen on camera.

A deeper dive into the internet sensation’s video

The girl was first seen approaching a dog and making signals with her hands. As soon as it saw her, the animal sprinted over to try to jump on top of her, and the other two dogs quickly followed suit.

She collapsed to the ground as the strays surrounded her, and she screamed for aid. The dogs dragged and bit her until a man ran up to scare them off. He later held the girl behind him as a means of consolation.

getting therapy

The girl was revealed to be a local of the Krishnagiri city neighborhood of Vasavi Nagar. The government hospital was reportedly treating her for injuries to the head and stomach.

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Attacks by a Hosur dog

It was discovered that there had been dog attacks in the neighborhood during the past two months. Stray dogs severely injured a 65-year-old man in July, while seven youngsters were assaulted and bitten on Hosur Balaji Street in June.

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