Allegation of Gang Rape of 8 Year Old School Girl in Jaipur, Mla Diya Kumari Reached Jhotwara Police Station

The gang r@pe of a 7-year-old girl in Jaipur has recently come to light. The girl’s father has taken legal action by suing the driver in this instance. The driver and others are accused of frightening the youngster before committing the alleged r@pe. Serving alcohol and non-vegetarian food is also alleged in this occurrence.

Discover Jaipur: In Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, a horrific case of gang r@pe involving an 8-year-old girl has been revealed. At the Jhotwara police station, the father of the victim has complained. Parents claim their 8-year-old daughter and 5-year-old boy went to the same school. The kid had been the victim of repeated threats and acts of sexual assault by Abdul Majeed, the driver of the school van. The minor student was r@ped by Abdul and some of his cronies. Suspicion has it that the victim and her younger brother were kidnapped and held captive in a van as the girl made her way home from school.

Late that night, MLA Diya Kumari made it to the police station.

Members of the Child Protection Commission went to the police with a complaint against the victim’s father after the victim’s family pleaded with them for justice. The police were slow to record a case at first, but eventually gave in to mounting pressure from social organizations. A large number of social organizations converged on the Jhotwara police station late on Saturday night, outraged that the accused had not been brought to justice. Diya Kumari, the newly elected member of parliament for Vidyadhar Nagar, likewise went to the police station upon learning the news. Diya Kumari spoke with witnesses and learned the full story from the victim’s relatives. Police were later ordered to swiftly apprehend the gang r@pe suspects and implement severe measures.

By removing her clothing, the girl revealed her injuries.

The girl exposed her injuries to the Child Rights Protection Commission members by removing her clothing. The girl’s body allegedly bears severe injuries. The school van driver allegedly threatened the victim’s life with a knife and used to conduct dirty tasks. The girl has also undergone a medical examination. In their assessment of the girl’s condition, the medical staff was shocked to learn that the brutes had gang-r@ped her.

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Accused of supplying alcoholic beverages and meat

The accused allegedly provided drugs to the underage girl, according to the victim’s family. They were compelled to consume beer and were denied dairy products. A knife was held out to him if he refused to eat. The fact that the accused converted the daughter is also mentioned in the FIR that the girl’s father filed. Accused Abdul Majeed and the girl participated in a Nikah-like process by garlanding her, showering her with flowers, and taking photographs. On top of that, the accused also recorded naked footage and images of the victim. The suspects are currently being questioned by police.

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