Animal Teaser Release Date Revealed With New Poster in Ranbir Kapoor Stylish Avatar!!

“Animal” is an upcoming Indian action thriller film that has garnered significant attention from movie enthusiasts. Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga and produced by T-Series, Bhadrakali Pictures, and Cine1 Studios, the film boasts a star-studded cast, including Ranbir Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Rashmika Mandanna, and Tripti Dimri.

The team behind the highly-anticipated action thriller, Animal, has unveiled a captivating new poster featuring the great Ranbir Kapoor. In the poster, Ranbir donned a sharp blue suit, exuding style as he held a cigarette and a lighter.

Sporting long hair and dark sunglasses, he cast an enigmatic gaze away from the camera. This glimpse into his character is creating quite a buzz among fans.

Animal Teaser Release Date

T-Series, on Monday, took to Instagram to announce the much-awaited teaser release date for “Animal.” Mark your calendars for September 28, 2023, at 10 a.m., when the teaser will officially drop. The film, directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, is set to hit theatres worldwide on December 1, 2023.

Sharing the poster, T-Series captioned it:

“He is elegant…He is Wild…You will see his rage on September 28th. AnimalTeaserOn28thSept @AnimalTheFilm #AnimalOn1stDec.”


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Little More About Animal

“Animal” is not just limited to one language; it will be released in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam, catering to a diverse audience. The film is a collaborative effort by Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar’s T-Series, Murad Khetani’s Cine1 Studios, and Pranay Reddy Vanga’s Bhadrakali Pictures.

The star-studded cast includes Anil Kapoor, Rashmika Mandana, Bobby Deol, and Tripti Dimri. The filming for Animal wrapped up in July.


Animal Teaser Release Date

Animal Movie Release Date

Scheduled for release on December 1, 2023, “Animal” promises an intense and riveting cinematic experience:

Reason Behind the Delay

Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga shed light on the film’s postponement earlier, citing the need for quality as the primary factor. He emphasized that the film’s intricate post-production work, including multiple songs in various languages, required meticulous attention to detail.

Sandeep was determined to ensure that the film maintained its lyrical excellence in all languages, offering audiences a seamless viewing experience across regions. Hence, the delay was a strategic move to deliver the best quality when Animal finally hits theatres on December 1.

Earlier Animal Movie was scheduled for 11 August but Sandeep Reddy Vanga through his tweet explained that they didn’t release the movie due to lack of quality and a few final touches:

Animal Movie Pre-Teaser

In a recent reveal, the makers treated fans to a pre-teaser of “Animal.” The intriguing video showcased individuals wearing skull masks, dressed in white shirts, black waistcoats, and ties, wielding menacing axes:

Ranbir Kapoor made a powerful entrance, armed with an axe, ready to confront this enigmatic group. The intense sequence left fans eagerly anticipating the action-packed world of Animal. Ranbir’s fierce portrayal promises an unforgettable cinematic experience.

As fans eagerly await the December 1st release, the pre-teaser glimpse hints at a riveting cinematic experience, with Ranbir Kapoor in a powerful and enigmatic role. Animal is poised to make a significant mark in the world of Indian cinema, leaving audiences hungry for more.

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