Ankita Lokhande’s Emotional Farewell to Father: Carrying His Bier with Strength!!

Actor Ankita Lokhande faced a sorrowful moment as she bid her final farewell to her father, Sashikant Lokhande. She, accompanied by her husband Vicky Jain and her family, participated in the funeral proceedings, showing immense strength in her trying times.

Fans of the actress extended their prayers and support during this difficult period. Ankita Lokhande, with her husband Vicky Jain by her side, stood strong as she held her father’s bier during the funeral on Sunday.

This somber event marked a heartbreaking chapter in the actress’s life. Walking alongside her mother, Ankita showed immense courage as she participated in the final rites.

A Glimpse of the Heartfelt Farewell

A touching video emerged online, capturing Ankita Lokhande’s emotional journey as she walked with her father’s bier:

Dressed in a kurta salwar, she carried the weight of her grief on her shoulder, shedding tears along the way. Vicky Jain also walked with her, letting her lead the way in this poignant moment.

In response to the video, one of Ankita’s fans shared words of comfort, writing, “Rest in peace. Lots of strength to Ankita.” The industry also showed its support as actors like Arti Singh, Shraddha Arya, Omkar Kapoor, Rajesh Khattar, and Kushal Tandon paid their respects and offered their condolences to Ankita and her family.

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Ankita’s Tribute on Father’s Day: A Heartfelt Note

In a heartwarming tribute on Father’s Day, Ankita Lokhande expressed her deep affection for her father. She reminisced about his unwavering support during her journey, recounting the times when he stood by her side, even in her struggles.

Despite his own health challenges, his positive spirit was a driving force for their family. She concluded the note with profound gratitude and love for her father.

Ankita Lokhande father funeral

Ankita Lokhande’s strength and love were evident as she carried her father’s bier and bid him a heartfelt farewell. This emotional journey showcased her deep bond with her family and the support of her husband, Vicky Jain.

As the actress copes with her loss, her fans and colleagues stand by her, extending prayers and solace during this challenging time. Keep visiting Digi Hind News for more.

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