‘Tu Pehle Chup Ho’: Another Delhi Metro Video Shows Two Women Arguing

A viral video depicting a heated dispute between two women over a Metro seat in Delhi has surfaced online. While one was journeying with her daughter, the other yelled at her.

It was discovered that the mother-daughter dyad requested space to travel in a seated position, but the female passenger became annoyed.

What does the video contain?

The woman says in her loudest voice, “You shut up, you shut up first,” while pointing in the opposite direction.

“Maine sirf bola side hijab,” the mother calmly responds, attempting to maintain composure amidst the commotion. However, the situation does not improve as the woman continues to yell at him and torment the other passengers.

She eventually criticizes the mother by comparing her to a persistently barking female dog.

Infuriated by this obscene remark, the mother threatens to strike the other woman with a shoe, saying, “Juta nikal kar marungi.” Hearing this, the conflict escalates with the response, “Jhootha’s words are being spoken; who is speaking jamane’s words?” It is now time to fire. “That is my rifle”

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A person steps in to end the commotion.

The passengers soon attempt to intervene and end the argument. A man approaches them in an attempt to resolve the dispute, but it seems unlikely as the female passenger attacks the other (the mother). Later, another female passenger attempts to resolve the issue, but the video ends before determining if she is thriving.

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