Anurag Basu Responds to Super Dancer 3 Controversy: Acknowledges Parents Embarrassment!!

Anurag Basu, one of the judges of Super Dancer: Chapter 3, has addressed the recent controversy surrounding the show.

After a video went viral showing a minor contestant being asked inappropriate questions, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) issued a notice to the show’s makers, accusing them of airing ‘inappropriate and sexually explicit content’ involving a child.

Anurag Basu, understanding the gravity of the situation, has spoken out about the incident. In an interview with The Times of India, Anurag Basu expressed that he would not defend the show, acknowledging the embarrassment faced by the parents due to the incident.

Anurag said in the interview,

“I also feel that we should draw a line when it comes to asking questions to contestants. It is important to be careful while interacting with children because they innocently say things that may not be appropriate. So, ideally, this part could have been edited, but that was not in my control… It is important that we, as judges, exercise this responsibility and be cautious in the questions we ask. I think after this, the kids too will be cautious while saying anything. It is important that such things don’t happen. This is my personal opinion. I am speaking here as a judge of a reality show and not on behalf of the channel. I felt it was my responsibility to clear the air because I am aware that this clip has gone viral.”

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As a father of two kids himself, he understands the importance of sensitivity towards children’s innocent remarks. Anurag admitted that he directed the conversation in a way that led to the contestant saying things that embarrassed his parents.

He also recognized the need for judges to exercise caution while interacting with children and emphasized the importance of drawing a line when asking questions to contestants.

Anurag Basu on Super Dancer 3 Controversy

NCPCR Notice:

The NCPCR issued a notice to Sony Pictures Networks, the network airing the show, stating that the questions asked to the minor child were inappropriate and disturbing in nature, and not suitable for children.

The notice from NCPCR read:

“The Commission has come across a video on Twitter from your kid’s dance show called Super Dancer: Chapter 3 which was aired on Sony Entertainment Television, wherein it is seen that the judges on the show were asking the minor child vulgar and sexually explicit questions regarding his parents on stage.”

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Anurag Basu’s response to the Super Dancer 3 controversy highlights the need for sensitivity and responsibility while engaging with child contestants on reality shows.

The incident has raised awareness about the impact of such interactions on children and their parents. The NCPCR’s notice serves as a reminder to all entertainment platforms to prioritize the well-being and protection of child participants, adhering to appropriate guidelines and regulations.

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