As Sukha Duneke, who was Sukhdul Singh? Canada inter-gang rivalry kills Khalistani terrorist!!

The death of Sukha Duneke, an Indian criminal wanted for many crimes, on September 20 in Winnipeg, Canada, appears to be part of an ongoing gang conflict. He was born and raised in Moga, Punjab.

The NIA had put Duneke on their “most wanted” list.

As of this writing, seven separate cases had been filed against Duneke, who had been on the run since 2017. The NIA had put him on their Most Wanted List.

According to reports, Duneke evaded officials in Canada after migrating there from India in 2017 using fake identification. The Davinder Bambiha gang, which is active throughout Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and Rajasthan, is said to have benefited greatly from his assistance and financial support.

While Duneke did have ties to pro-Khalistan groups, extortion, and supari (contract) assassinations were the mainstays of his criminal career. Through his cronies, he has been orchestrating a wide variety of crimes throughout Punjab and the surrounding states, earning him a spot on the most-wanted list of offenders in the region.

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Duneke is infamous for his suspected involvement in a plot to murder kabaddi star Sandeep Singh Nangal on March 14, 2017, at a match in Malian village, Jalandhar.

More than twenty cases, involving murder and other major offenses, have been filed against Duneke in Punjab and neighboring states.

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The homicide is currently under investigation

The circumstances of Duneke’s death in Winnipeg are now being investigated, and Canadian and Indian authorities are coordinating to acquire additional information about the tragedy.

More information about Sukha Duneke’s death and its possible linkages to his illegal operations in India is expected to become available as the inquiry progresses.

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