Why Shekhar Kapur Turned Down ₹300 Crore Offer for Mr. India 2??

In a fascinating revelation, renowned filmmaker Shekhar Kapur, known for the timeless classic Mr. India, recently shared details of a jaw-dropping offer he received—a staggering ₹300 crore proposal to create a sequel to the iconic film.

This astounding revelation provides a glimpse into the enduring legacy of Mr. India and the indomitable charm of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan in the contemporary film industry.

Join us as we delve deeper into this captivating story of artistry, nostalgia, and the enduring appeal of cinematic treasures.

Director Shekhar Kapur’s Remarkable Response to a Lucrative Offer

Shekhar Kapur, the renowned filmmaker behind the classic “Mr. India” starring Anil Kapoor and Sridevi, recently revealed an astonishing offer he received. He disclosed that someone had offered him a whopping ₹300 crore to make a sequel to the iconic movie.

Mr. India, which was released in 1987, was a groundbreaking film of its time. It introduced a captivating storyline in an era that lacked the advanced CGI, special effects, and green screen technologies we have today. The script for this masterpiece was crafted by the talented duo Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar.

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When the proposal for “Mr. India 2” came knocking with the promise of recouping the investment in just three weeks, Shekhar Kapur responded with wisdom and a touch of humour. The 77-year-old director remarked,

“Three weeks? But Mr. India has endured for 30 years.”

Shekhar Kapur’s revelation came after a Shah Rukh Khan fan praised the lasting impact of memorable films. The director emphasized that truly remarkable films are the ones that resonate emotionally across generations and define an era.

Prior to this revelation, Shekhar Kapur shared his admiration for Shah Rukh Khan’s talent after watching “Jawan” in a London theatre. He recounted an enthusiastic fan who proclaimed,

“If this guy [SRK] even read a telephone directory, I would get up and cheer.”

The audience’s overwhelming response to Shah Rukh Khan in “Jawan” showcased his enduring popularity. Speaking of box office success, “Jawan,” featuring Shah Rukh Khan and Nayanthara, is poised to surpass the ₹500-crore mark in the Indian box office, according to Sacnilk.

Shekhar Kapur refused for Mr India

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On its second Monday, September 18, the film collected an impressive ₹16 crore. Looking ahead, Shah Rukh Khan’s fans can anticipate his next project, “Dunki, in which he will be sharing the screen with Taapsee Pannu.

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