Student leader Satish Yadav was murdered in UP’s terrible jungle raj!!

The state of law and order in UP is getting worse by the day. One tragic example is student leader Satish Yadav’s early morning shooting death in Jaunpur. Despite Yogi Adityanath ji, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, banging the drum about his secure law and order, backward and Dalit people are being openly murdered in UP every hour.

There is a legitimate concern that criminals have free reign in this legal system. Although UP is the largest state in India, it is currently portraying itself as a terrifying jungle raj. The only other time a student leader was killed by gunfire was with the assassination of Satish Yadav. Many people have been slain without any time-limited constitutional procedure or punishment.

Insist on reliable law and order

As Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath Ji is tasked with ensuring the safety of his constituents through strong enforcement of the law. The government must protect its people from harm.

Where does the blame lie?

We must ask ourselves, whose responsibility is it if these things keep happening more frequently in UP? Is it a reliable justice system, or do lawbreakers have too much leeway there?

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The government will need to give this matter careful consideration. The well-being of UP’s residents must be given top attention. Those responsible for torturing innocents should face severe consequences.

There is a need to firmly deal with the secure law and order situation in UP, even though crime is rising and terrible things are happening to innocent people. The government should treat this situation seriously and take strong action to protect the public.

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