Bengaluru Road Rage: 2 Bike-Borne Men Chase Family In Car, Pelt Stones!!!

A Bengaluru family endured a terrifying ordeal last week when they became the targets of a road rage incident. Two males on bicycles threatened to attack a family as they drove through the Siddapura neighborhood in their automobile.

The miscreants stopped their vehicle three times on the road and threw stones at the victims; the entire episode was filmed on the car’s dash cam on August 5. The accused may be seen on film several times, halting the vehicle and demanding that the driver and passengers exit.

While other motorcyclists and auto-rickshaw drivers saw the accused harass the family, the victims remained in the car and were able to flee each time they were stopped.

The accused even got into an argument with bystanders who tried to intervene. After the footage of the incident was shared online, police in Bengaluru were able to locate and arrest both guys.

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According to the First Information Report (FIR) filed with the Whitefield Police Station on August 5, 2023, two suspects have been apprehended. Whitefield police said that “further investigation is underway.”

This is the second such occurrence in as many weeks

Last week, a similar attack on a family in Bandipur was reported in the city.

The suspect flagged down the family’s automobile in the middle of the road and verbally criticized them for passing them. The entire incident was caught on the dash cam of the victim’s family car.

Bengaluru Road Rage 2 Bike-Borne Men Chase Family In Car, Pelt Stones
Bengaluru Road Rage 2 Bike-Borne Men Chase Family In Car, Pelt Stones

Alok Kumar, Additional Director General of Police (Traffic and Road Safety), Karnataka, requested that the victims contact the Gundlupet police after the video of the incident became viral online. An FIR was filed, and an inquiry is currently continuing.

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