Samruddhi Expressway Construction Accident: 17 Dead, Several Feared Trapped As Girder Collapses In Shahapur

At least 17 construction workers died late Monday night in Shahapur while working on the Mumbai-Nagapur Super Communication Samruddhi Expressway, according to reports from Mumbai on August 1.

The victims have been taken to Shivaji Hospital in Kalwa, Thane, for treatment. The incident has been ordered and investigated to determine the cause.

Up to six more construction workers or engineers may be buried beneath the rubble. The injured receiving care at a hospital in Shahapur are excluded from this count. The accident happened at about 11 p.m. while workers launched girders for a bridge.

The bridge is currently being built along with the rest of the 701-kilometer-long Expressway. A girder launching machine weighing several hundred tons reportedly crashed near the village of Sarlambe, killing everyone working underneath it.

Samruddhi Expressway Construction Accident
Samruddhi Expressway Construction Accident

Help is on the way

“We got information about the incident at around 1:30 am and our first team started the rescue operation around 5:30 am,” said NDRF Assistant Commandant Sarang Kurve.

We are continuing to conduct our rescue mission. There have even been cases where sniffer dogs saved people.

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Today’s girder machine fell in Shahapur’s Khutadi Sarlambe village. NDRF reported 15 bodies and three injured.

Watch: Search and rescue efforts are going on.

A Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) representative has stated that efforts are being made to rescue those trapped there.

Public access to 600 kilometers of the Expressway between Bharvir is available near Igatpuri and Nagpur.

Officials from the MSRDC had planned to hold a political inauguration ceremony before the Lok Sabha elections in the first half of 2024.

Thus, they set a deadline of the end of 2023 to finish the remaining 101 kilometers up to Thane.

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