Bite Marks on 4-year-old Innocent’s Lips-cheeks, Chest Those 5 Proofs That Hung Him

Bulandshahr’s Jahangirabad police station raped and killed a 4-year-old girl on April 25. The girl’s body was recovered from the house of a local boy. The neighbor brutally murdered the girl’s child. He hid the body under his bed. He lay down on the cot.

The relatives have accused the neighbor of rape and murder. Police arrested. The court has given its verdict. Read evidence against Faheem. Accused’s bloodstained clothes

The costumes related to the incident of the accused. It contained the baby’s blood. The police arrested the accused even before he could convert.

Police found the clothes of the accused. The clothes of the accused matched the personal blood of the girl. This shows that only Faheem committed the rape.

Bloodstained sheets, towels, and mattresses

Police found a blood-stained mattress, bed sheet, and towel in the accused’s room. The police matched this blood with the blood of the child. The match was played. Faheem was beaten up because a child was found in his chamber.

Faheem’s nails are full of skin. Forensic experts found human skin in Faheem’s fingernails. Baby skin matching worked. Faheem had badly scratched the girl’s body.

Children’s Hair & Clothing

The forensic team found hair in Faheem’s room. They matched her hair. The child’s blood was on Faheem’s floor. Faheem misbehaved with the girl. The most significant evidence was Faheem’s semen in the girl’s genitals, which shows Faheem’s extreme cruelty towards girls. The teams of Ghaziabad did all these investigations.

Read details of witnesses who saw the dead body of the girl child at convict Faheem’s house—comment of the child’s aunt.

Bite Marks on 4-year-old Innocent's Lips-cheek
Bite Marks on 4-year-old Innocent’s Lips-cheek

The girl’s aunt told the judge that we searched for her on the day of the tragedy but could not find her. We announced from the mosque, but no one responded until a woman in the village said she had seen the girl with Faheem. His mother stopped us from entering Faheem’s residence. After this, a local boy opened Faheem’s house from the inside by scaling the wall.

We entered a sad house—an empty room appeared by the torch’s light. Faheem’s room was next door. As we entered Faheem’s chamber, his mother held my hand. Then we violently entered his room. Faheem sat silently inside. The floor was bloody. Shouting, we peered down through the flames. Both the legs of our daughter were broken. He was bleeding profusely from his genitals. She died.

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The statement of in-charge inspector Neeraj Kumar was examined.

Inspector-in-charge Neeraj Kumar said we reached out after getting information about the incident. After arresting the culprit, the team collected all the evidence. Blood samples were taken from all the rooms. He was examined in white clothes. The postmortem of the girl’s body was also done. After being sent to jail, he was taken on remand. He provided all the information. The incident was fully documented.

During interrogation, the accused agreed to drink alcohol. Was he unaware? The victim’s family also testified. A case journal covered the incident. The charge sheet was filed 13 days after the complete investigation. The court presented him. The court heard all the evidence.

Read the statement of the child’s mother.

The girl’s mother told the judge she cooked food on the first level. Later his daughter arrived. She disappeared while playing. He searched for his daughter everywhere. The daughter also joined us at Faheem’s place.

Daughter died. Blood was oozing from his body. There was blood on Faheem’s clothes as well. Faheem’s family knew about the incident but protected him. They stopped us from entering the house.

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He planned to rape his niece.

The police found the accused highly criminal. He was preparing to rape his real brother’s daughter several days ago. He lied to get his niece to school. Then he went to a nearby forest. A coach was suspected of following Faheem. She complained about Faheem misbehaving with the girl after Faheem ran away. After this, Faheem’s brother got separated from his family.

The girl got eight injuries, which made the accused guilty.

There were two bruises on his upper lip. Bite the lower lip. There was a scar on the left face—bruises on both sides of the ride. There was a cut on his chest.
His neck got injured. There was also swelling on the child’s face. His face turned blue. One eye was closed, the other half open. Scratches on the back. His internal organs were destroyed.

The accused’s house – the victim’s mother – should be bulldozed.

After the sentence, the girl’s mother said, “I am happy with the court’s decision, but seeing the accused’s house makes me angry.” Bulldoze its administration. I am not interested in the accused.” My flower-like child was playing nearby that day. She came downstairs. I had cooked rice upstairs.

After cooking the rice, I could not hear my daughter. When I came down, she was gone. After the announcement of the mosque, a search was made in the village, but nothing was found. A farmer reported seeing the girl child along with Faheem. Faheem’s mother sent us home.

After this forcibly entered his house and found his daughter lying in a pool of blood under the bed. All his clothes were torn. Blood flowed. My daughter’s condition made me faint. The daughter cooked rice with love. My daughter went quietly.

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