Boney Kapoor Net Worth: What Is His Financial Standing In Bollywood?

Boney Kapoor, who is renowned for making films with outstanding stories, was like a breath of fresh air in Bollywood in the 1980s and 1990s. Boney Kapoor’s films, in contrast to others of the time, dealt sensitively with topics like family, relationships, and more.

Boney Kapoor has established an extraordinary cinematic empire for herself during the course of his decades-long career as a mentor and producer in the motion picture industry. Learn more about Boney Kapoor’s wealth and the factors that go into it by scrolling down.

What Is Boney Kapoor’s Net Worth?

Boney Kapoor’s net worth as of 2023 is $20 million, or 153.34 Crores in Indian Rupees.

What Are The Factors Contributing To His Wealth?

Film Producer

Boney Kapoor made the transition from actor to producer in 1980 with the release of the movie Hum Paanch. He produced numerous films over the years, including Woh Saat Din, Mr. India, Loafer, No Entry, and Wanted, among others, all of which were huge commercial successes. Nerkonda Paarvai, Vakeel Saab, and Thunivu are a few South Indian films that Kapoor has also been linked to.

Salary Per Film

The director of Janhvi Kapoor’s most recent film, Mili, commands astronomical compensation. In addition, he was paid INR 80 Lakhs for the movie Tu Jhooti Main Makkar.

A Fleet Of Upscale Vehicles

Like Janhvi Kapoor, Boney Kapoor enjoys traveling in upscale vehicles. The costly vehicles in his garage include the Audi A6, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes-Benz GLE, Range Rover Evoque, and Mercedes-Benz S-Class S350d.

What Are The Factors Contributing To His Wealth
What Are The Factors Contributing To His Wealth

Boney Kapoor’s Residence

The principal residence of Kapoor, where he lives with his daughters Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor, is situated in a posh neighborhood in Chennai. Sridevi had resided there before passing away in Dubai. His Chennai home is worth millions, and he has also made investments in foreign real estate.

Professional Career

Mili, a contemporary movie directed by Boney Kapoor and starring Janhvi Kapoor and Sunny Kaushal, was released in 2022. However, the movie completely bombed at the box office and barely made one crore. Mili, on the other hand, came in first on Netflix’s Top Ten list despite receiving mixed reviews.

Here is an official tweet which confirms that Mili is produced by Boney Kapoor.

In addition, Boney Kapoor produced the Tamil movie Thunivu in 2023. He is actively contributing to the making of the next Hindi movie, Maidaan.

The Controversial Love Life Of Boney Kapoor

Since Boney Kapoor grew up in a famous family, he was always open to the idea of getting married. In reality, he later wed Mona Shouri Kapoor when he was 19 years old, in a planned wedding in 1983. She was Anshula Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor’s mother.

Delve further into the lives of:

However, Boney Kapoor and Mona Kapoor’s marriage sometimes did not go smoothly. The superstar actress Sridevi, with whom the film producer had an adulterous affair, eventually became his partner.

Sridevi and Boney Kapoor got married in 1996. However, there was some controversy surrounding the marriage because Sridevi became pregnant before the wedding. In the early years of their marriage, Sridevi was frequently referred to as a home breaker. Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor were born to Sridevi and Boney Kapoor.

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