Mumbai: Central Railways DRM Urges Public To Avoid ‘Stunts’ Like Local Train Belly Dance!!

Mumbai’s local trains, often called the city’s “lifeline,” have once again become the focus of media attention after a video featuring them went viral. This time, a video has gone viral showing a woman doing the belly dance on a moving local train.

While it’s not unusual for footage to go viral aboard Mumbai’s local trains, this episode has sparked debate on how authorities should handle situations like this and how the people should react.

While some passengers thought it was funny, others were outraged and demanded the performance be punished. watch this video

While the specific date and location of the incident have not been established, it is believed that it occurred on the Central Railways suburban line between the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) and the Sandhurst Road stations.
Look at the video below here!

Thanks to user @mumbaimatterz, the video was shared across social media, most notably on X (previously Twitter). With the tagline “Entertainment… Now Belly Dancing inside Mumbai Local Train,” it soon went viral. The #MumbaiLocal Trains appear to be the most active venue for showcasing talent. A flood of comments and debates followed this post.

The Central Railways Mumbai division’s manager responded online, pleading with riders to refrain from such antics. Trains, the statement emphasized, are not venues for acts of this nature but rather modes of public transportation.

People’s thoughts were all over the place. Udaykumar J. Nair was skeptical, claiming the performer was just interested in the video for the publicity it would bring. Dheevar Paralkar highlighted the limitations of police presence in each cabin, placing the onus of deterring such behavior squarely on the shoulders of the passengers as a whole.

Makarand, another concerned user, advocated for a respectful and secure computing environment by calling for prompt and strict action by @Central_Railway and @RPFCR to maintain safety and decorum.

Abhijeet Patki, an X user, joked that if such shows took place on trains headed for Virar or Kalyan, seats would magically appear. Bhavesh Pandya joked on ‘X’ that the frequent delays on the railway could account for the unexpected appearance of entertainment.

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Joydeep Roy made a comparison between the cost of going to a dance club and taking in a show on a train. Finally, X user Sudhish questioned who appointed specific people as caretakers of culture and religion, claiming that belly dance is generally tolerated in public events and movies despite being labeled as filthy and vulgar.

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