Bihar: After Being Beaten by Relatives at Girlfriend’s Birthday Party, Chhapra Youth Left Hospital in a Wheelchair

Chhapra, Bihar: In a horrifying occurrence, the relatives of a young man’s girlfriend brutally beat him. The footage of the young person being transported to the hospital has gone viral. The footage shows the youth being transported to a Chapra hospital while partially clothed. The young man reportedly celebrated his girlfriend’s birthday by visiting her residence to sing to her, present her with gifts, and eat cake.

A young man celebrated his girlfriend’s birthday by paying a visit to her residence late at night

A young man allegedly committed the crime after visiting his girlfriend’s residence to celebrate her birthday late at night. The young man allegedly brought his girlfriend a cake, which they shared. When the man brought the cake to the girl’s residence, however, her relatives recognized him and arrested him.

The girl’s relatives beat the kid up

The girl’s relatives beat the boy severely before turning him over to the authorities. After the boy was beaten by the girl’s relatives and sustained injuries, the police took him to the hospital for treatment. In the video, the young person who can’t walk is pushed around in a medical wheelchair. It has been reported that the man is currently hospitalized for treatment. As of yet, there have been no arrests made that seem to be related to this incident. After the investigation is over, the police will take appropriate measures.

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Coimbatore, in the state of Tamil Nadu, recently reported an occurrence

A murder in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, when a young man was killed by his girlfriend’s relatives after visiting her home to celebrate her birthday, made headlines earlier this year. It was said that the young man had been drinking heavily prior to the incident. The young man was fatally beaten by his fiancée’s family as he went to wish his girlfriend a happy birthday.

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