The Female Constable, Who Was Brutalized Aboard the Train, Testified About How Many People Committed the Crime

The violence allegation involving a female constable on the Ayodhya-bound Saryu Express train has just received additional information. The statement was made by the female constable after she regained consciousness at the Lucknow Trauma Center.

He told the police that he and another person were involved in the crime

After the train left the Mankapur station in Ayodhya, the female constable was attacked and killed by strangers within 10 to 15 minutes. The woman’s bloodied body was discovered underneath a train seat. His closet was a jumbled mess. Blood was seeping from the face and it was under the seat. After that, he was sent to the emergency room.

The lady constable underwent surgery after 6 days, and the doctors were able to rescue her, but she is currently unable to communicate well. The KGMC Trauma Center in Lucknow still admits female patients. But now he claimed to the police officer that he had been attacked by two people. The woman constable was injured in the head and cannot provide a full account of what happened.

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The police have nothing to offer

There are currently three UP STF investigation teams looking into mobile tower data for suspicious numbers. The area around the railway track is being searched for numbers that were active at the time of the occurrence. It’s worth noting that 17 days after the incident, the police still had no leads. When and by whom did the female police officer get killed? The cops have been unable to determine this at this point.

The court took note of this.

Sumitra Patel, a female head constable from Prayagraj, was 43 years old when she was discovered under a seat in the general bogie of the Saryu Express at 4:00 a.m. on August 29. She was covered in blood. The constable was taken to Lucknow KGMC by GRP officers upon their arrival. For a whole week, she was mute. Scars covered much of his body, including his head and face. He appeared to have been harmed by a pointed object.

The Chief Justice of the Allahabad High Court held a nighttime hearing after the court seized suo motu jurisdiction over the case. The government and the railroads were notified, and an investigation report was requested. The case is being closely monitored by the court.

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