A Parent in Kanpur Attacked a Teacher With Punches After the Educator Disciplined Their Child!!

A video of a man and a few others storming into a teacher’s office and beating one of the teachers has surfaced on the social media site X. According to media accounts, the assault took place in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, and the accused assailant’s instructor made a pupil do sit-ups as punishment. The boy went home and told his parents, who then took their anger out on the school.

The student, as far as can be determined, is in fifth grade. His father said that the child’s legs swelled up because he was forced to do more than fifty sit-ups. His gang of pals and he then drove to the school, where he is said to have attacked the teacher in the principal’s office.

CCTV footage showed the suspect walking into the classroom and immediately beginning to attack the purported teacher. The video also featured the school’s principal and the kid. After the father’s actions escalated the situation, those present attempted to calm things down. Finally, security officers arrived on the scene and led the man away from the school.

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After being notified by the school administration, the Hanumanth Vihar police station received the surveillance footage to use in their investigation. According to recent reports, police have opened an investigation after receiving a complaint from the school and have filed an FIR against the individual.

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