Thane News: Cloth Shop Near Talao Pali Burns Down, No Casualties; Images Surface!!

On the morning of August 16th, a fire broke out at a storefront on the ground floor of the ground plus four-story Manisha Apartment in Talavpalli, Thane (W).

Thousands of rupees’ worth of merchandise, sewing machines, and cloth reels perished in the blaze. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

The Incident Is Discussed in Detail by Officials

RDMC chief for Thane, Yasin Tadvi, said, “We received the information at the disaster management cell room at around 1:45 am on Wednesday, August 16, about the fire in a shop owned by Ramnik Mota in the ground floor of ground plus four-story Manisha Apartment near Rajwant jewelers at Talavpalli in Thane (West).”

Two pick-up trucks and a fire truck carrying the crisis management cell team, police officers from Naupada, and firefighters from the Mahavitaran electrical company, rushed to the scene as soon as they heard the news. He reported that the fire was contained and put out in under thirty minutes.

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TMC Declares Building to be Dangerous

The fire destroyed goods, textile reels, and sewing equipment valued at lakhs. Manisha Apartment has been designated unsafe by the Thane Municipal Corporation, and locals claim no one lives there.

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