Telangana CM KCR Announces Abolishment of Village Revenues Assistant System!!

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has decided to abolish the Village Revenues Assistant (VRA) system in the Revenue Department. In its place, the staff will be regularised in supernumerary posts.

The government’s move comes as the VRAs were seen as representative of a “feudal structure” and no longer aligned with the evolving needs of society.

This article explores the reasoning behind the decision and outlines the procedures for regularising and adjusting VRAs.

Abolishment of Village Revenues Assistant System

On a recent Sunday, Telangana Chief Minister KCR announced the abolition of the Village Revenues Assistant system, also known as the VRA system.

The VRA system had historical roots in supporting village revenues and other needs during the development of agriculture and irrigation wings. Over time, it evolved into the VRAs we know today, serving the community with self-sacrificing dedication.

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Reasoning behind Abolishment

Chief Minister KCR highlighted the importance of government decisions aligning with the needs and social evolution of the people. With sectors transitioning and fading out over time, providing job security to government employees becomes essential.

Consequently, the VRA system, symbolizing a feudal structure, is being abolished to streamline and modernize the revenue department.

Regularisation and Adjustment of VRAs

There are currently 20,555 VRAs working across the state with varying levels of education, ranging from illiteracy to higher studies.

The government will categorize the VRAs based on their educational qualifications to ensure fair treatment and appoint them to respective departments accordingly.

Those who have completed higher studies and are eligible for promotions will be offered suitable posts within the government.

Compassionate Appointments

In a human gesture, the government has decided to provide job opportunities to the kin of VRAs who are above 61 years of age under compassionate appointments.

Furthermore, the family members of VRAs who passed away before reaching 61 years while on duty after 2nd June 2014 will also be offered government jobs as a mark of respect and support.

CM KCR Abolish VRA

Implementation and Issuance of Orders

The Chief Minister has instructed the Chief Secretary, Santhi Kumari, to issue orders to implement the abolition of the VRA system and the regularisation of staff on Monday.

The process will involve careful assessment and consideration of qualifications to ensure a smooth transition.

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Telangana’s decision to abolish the Village Revenues Assistant system and regularise the staff reflects the government’s commitment to evolve with changing times and cater to the needs of its people.

By streamlining the revenue department and offering job security, the government aims to ensure the welfare of its employees and the efficient functioning of administrative services. The move acknowledges the dedicated service of VRAs and marks a new chapter in the state’s governance.

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