Cnn Veteran and Investigative Reporter Drew Griffin Passed Away at the Age of 60

Cnn Veteran and Investigative Reporter Drew Griffin Passed Away at the Age of 60: Drew Griffin, a journalist for CNN who had won a Peabody Award for an investigation into fatal delays at veterans hospitals and passed away on December 17 at the age of 60, was responsible for the investigation that led to legislative action and the resignation of the secretary of veterans affairs.

According to CNN, he was battling cancer.

Since joining CNN in 2004, Mr. Griffin has conducted exhaustive, multi-month-long investigations, many of which have resulted in policy shifts.

CNN aired “A Fatal Wait” in April 2014, following sustained coverage of delayed medical appointments for veterans that led to late treatment and even deaths. Mr. Griffin and his team revealed how a Veterans Affairs hospital in Arizona falsified records to hide the prolonged waiting times. This came after six months of coverage on how these delays led to late treatment and even deaths. The media’s coverage of the scandal ultimately led to the resignation of Eric Shinseki as secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Mr. Griffin was presented with an Emmy Award in 2016 for his work uncovering the fraudulent moneymaking practices of Trump University. His exclusive interview with a former instructor at Trump University revealed that the institute’s primary focus was not on instructing participants in real estate strategies but rather on getting them to pay for additional seminars at Trump University. The teacher explained to Mr. Griffin that “we were bringing in the money.”

Two years later, Mr. Griffin and his colleagues uncovered cases of sexual assault and abuse against more than one hundred Uber drivers. As a result, the company implemented new safety features and reworked its background-check procedures.

Recent work by Mr. Griffin has been centered on the threats to American democracy that have arisen as a result of the uprising on January 6, 2021, that was led by supporters of Donald Trump. His coverage has been cited in court filings by both the Justice Department and the House committee investigating the riots. Let’s dig deep into Cnn Veteran and Investigative Reporter Drew Griffin Passed Away at the Age of 60.

Drew Griffin
Drew Griffin


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The reporting that Mr. Griffin did took him all over the world. In Somalia, he reported on a devastating famine; in Singapore, he covered a story about illegal fishermen using drift nets; and in El Salvador, he told the stories of members of gangs. In 2017, while he was reporting from Texas on Hurricane Harvey, he saved a man who was trapped inside a sinking truck.

Sarah Palin, who was running for vice president at the time, gave her first interview on CNN in 2008. During the interview, Mr. Griffin pressed Palin on a report that found she had committed an ethical violation in her handling of the firing of her estranged brother-in-law. This was the incident that became known as “Troopergate.”

The 21st of October, 1962 saw the birth of Andrew Charles Griffin. His father was a civil engineer and worked his way up through the ranks of the Army before retiring from the Highway Department of Cook County in Illinois. His mother was a lawyer and worked in the appellate research division for the state of Illinois. She was the lead lawyer there.

Prior to beginning his employment with CNN, Mr. Griffin was employed by CBS News 2 in Los Angeles for a total of ten years. After earning a degree in communications from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, he started his career working as a reporter and cameraman for WICD-TV in Illinois. Subsequently, he worked for television stations in Florida, Washington, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

His wife, Margot, and their three children, Elle, Louis, and Miles, as well as two grandchildren, are among his survivors.

Mr. Griffin, upon receiving the Everett McKinley Dirksen Award for Distinguished Reporting of Congress in 2015, joked that it was uncommon to be welcomed in Washington, a reference to the difficult questions he was known for asking lawmakers. The award was given in recognition of Mr. Griffin’s distinguished reporting of Congress. A compilation video that was prepared by CNN showed people trying to avoid him by slamming doors in his face, walking away, or even running away from him. He kept asking anyway.

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