Delhi Metro: A Viral ‘Bidi’ Incident Raises Eyebrows!!

In the bustling city of Delhi, where the Delhi Metro system serves as a lifeline for millions of commuters, an unusual incident recently grabbed headlines. A viral video emerged, capturing the moment an elderly man lit a ‘bidi’ while on a metro train. This incident shrouded in mystery due to the lack of exact details regarding its date and location, has left the public curious and concerned.

Lighting Up a ‘Bidi’ in Public

The video in question depicts an elderly passenger taking out a ‘bidi’ from his pocket and nonchalantly lighting it up while surrounded by fellow commuters. However, this seemingly routine act didn’t go unnoticed. Some of the passengers objected vocally to this act of lighting up a ‘bidi’ in a confined public space. The elderly man, in his defense, reportedly pointed out that he possessed a valid metro ticket as if it justified his actions.

The video quickly gained traction on various social media platforms, triggering a wave of discussions and debates. Hundreds of users took to the internet, seeking responses from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) and other responsible authorities. However, despite the growing clamor for an official statement, the DMRC and related officials have remained conspicuously silent on the matter. Watch this video

A Pattern of Unusual Incidents

This recent ‘bidi’ incident isn’t the first time the Delhi Metro has found itself in the midst of a viral controversy. The incident involving the elderly man and his ‘bidi’ adds to a list of peculiar events that have unfolded within the metro system in the past.

Earlier on the same day, another video surfaced, showcasing a young couple engaging in public displays of affection (PDA) within the confines of a Delhi Metro coach. The video, which went viral, revealed the couple hugging and kissing near the automated doors of a metro train bound for Anand Vihar. This overt expression of intimacy in such a public space shocked fellow passengers and led to widespread discussions on the boundaries of personal space within the Delhi Metro.

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Questions Yet to Be Answered

The recent spate of unusual incidents has left many questions unanswered. While the viral ‘bidi’ incident has ignited curiosity about the elderly man’s motives and the reactions of fellow passengers, it has also raised concerns about public safety within the Delhi Metro.

The lack of an official statement from the DMRC and other relevant authorities regarding these incidents only adds to the perplexity. Many are left wondering about the metro’s stance on such behavior and what measures, if any, will be taken to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

In conclusion, the Delhi Metro, a vital part of the city’s infrastructure, finds itself under scrutiny once again due to the viral ‘bidi’ incident and the previous PDA video. As these incidents continue to circulate on social media and capture the public’s attention, it remains to be seen how the DMRC will address these concerns and ensure the safety and comfort of its passengers.

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