Delhi’s Geeta Colony Saw a Dismembered Woman’s Body, Similar to the Shraddha Murder

Authorities in Delhi found the dismembered remains of a lady in the Geeta Colony flyover region on Wednesday morning in what appears to be a repeat of the heinous Shraddha Walker murder case.

Information regarding the incident reportedly reached police at about 9:15 a.m. The body pieces were dispersed across a wide area close to the flyover. Police officers staff the scene.

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Joint CP, Central Range, and Paramaditya validated the new information with the local media. He said that two bags containing various pieces of the victim’s body had been found and that authorities were still trying to determine who the victim was.

A Woman's Body Was Found Dismembered in Geeta Colony in Delhi
A Woman’s Body Was Found Dismembered in Geeta Colony in Delhi

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Two bags made of black polyethylene were discovered. The body’s head is in one polythene bag, while the rest is in another. Long hair is leading us to believe that this is a female physique. Paramaditya has stated that further investigation is needed to determine what it is.

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