Assam: A 20-year-old Woman’s Body Discovered on the Dibrugarh Bypass

In a shocking turn of events, the lifeless body of Mehek Sharma, a 20-year-old girl, was discovered on the Dibrugarh town bypass at approximately 4.15 a.m. on a fateful Sunday morning, shrouded in a veil of mystery.

The Grim Discovery

The gruesome scene unfolded when a passerby stumbled upon Mehek Sharma’s body, bearing severe injury marks, sprawled on the road, adjacent to a car displaying registration number AS-06-AH-1143, positioned at the center of the bypass.

The Enigmatic Companion

Beside the lifeless girl lay Aziz Ahmed, also known as Munna, who miraculously sustained no injuries despite the grim circumstances. The vehicle in question belonged to him, raising a multitude of questions and suspicions.

A Troubling Past

Mehek Sharma, a resident of Khalihamari in Dibrugarh, and Aziz Ahmed, hailing from Maijan, shared a sinister history. Reports suggest that Ahmed had persistently pressured Mehek into a relationship for the past six months.

A Fateful Drive

The ominous turn of events allegedly began when Ahmed coerced Mehek into joining him for a drive in his car around 3.30 p.m. on the preceding Saturday. Inside the vehicle, investigators discovered disturbing evidence—bloodstains and nail scratch marks on Aziz Ahmed’s neck.

Eliminating Accident Possibilities

Notably, the car in question showed no signs of external damage, ruling out the possibility of an accident. This revelation further deepened the mystery surrounding Mehek Sharma’s tragic demise.

The Investigation Begins

Dibrugarh Superintendent of Police, Shwetank Mishra, confirmed the detention of Aziz Ahmed and the commencement of a thorough investigation. Mishra stated, “We are diligently examining the evidence, including scientific analysis, to shed light on this heart-wrenching incident.”

A Mother’s Accusation

In the midst of the unfolding tragedy, Mehek’s mother, Moushumi Sharma, pointed an accusatory finger at Aziz Ahmed. She asserted, “My daughter has been ruthlessly murdered by Aziz Ahmed. He tormented her for months. As a single mother and a teacher, I lived alone with my daughter. When I threatened to report him to the police, he warned us of dire consequences. Her last call at 8.30 p.m. mentioned having dinner at a dhaba. That call marked the end. Aziz Ahmed heartlessly took her life.”

This devastating incident leaves the community in shock, seeking answers to the baffling circumstances surrounding Mehek Sharma’s tragic end.

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