After India’s Victory Over Pakistan, a Journalist From Pakistan Took Irfan Pathan to Task for His Statements, Writing, “Shobha Nahin Deta.”

In the world of cricket, rivalries run deep, and emotions run even deeper. The recent showdown between India and Pakistan in the Super 4s stage of the Asia Cup 2023 was no exception.

While the Indian cricket team celebrated a remarkable 228-run victory, it was the off-field clash of opinions between Pakistani journalist Farid Khan and former Indian international Irfan Pathan that caught the spotlight.

A Triumph Worth Celebrating

The clash began with Irfan Pathan taking to social media to bask in India’s resounding triumph. After the historic victory over their arch-rivals, Pathan couldn’t resist poking a little fun at the Pakistani fans. In a tweet, he humorously suggested that the silence on the Pakistani side of the border was a sign that their neighbors had not only smashed their TV sets but also obliterated their mobile phones. Pathan’s tweet read, ‘khamoshi chaai hui hai kaafi lagta hai padosiyo ne Tv ke sath sath mobile bhi tod diye hai..’

Farid Khan’s Critique

This tweet didn’t sit well with Farid Khan, who promptly responded, criticizing Pathan’s choice of words. Khan, a seasoned broadcaster and former player himself felt that Pathan, being in his position, should exercise restraint when making such comments.

He pointed out that individuals tend to become gracious in defeat and reminded Pathan of his responsibilities. Khan’s response was firm and to the point, ‘Irfan Pathan bhai, please mature tweets kia kren. Aap broadcaster hain aur sirf former player nahin, shobha nahin deta aapko yeh. Next Sunday agar kuch aur result aagya toh sab se pehle aap hi ‘Grace Grace’ ki tweets karoge. Aise toh nahin chalta…

The Spectacle on the Field

Now, turning our attention back to the match itself, it was India’s batting prowess that paved the way for Rohit Sharma and his squad’s success. Sharma and Shubman Gill set the stage with a formidable 121-run opening partnership. After their departure, Virat Kohli and KL Rahul took over, each scoring a century to help India post an imposing total of 356 runs.

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Rohit Sharma, the captain, was elated with his team’s performance, and he didn’t hold back his admiration for his fellow players. He stated, ‘Fantastic performance, right from yesterday. When we started, we knew the wicket was good and we had to adjust to the rain, The two experienced (Kohli and Rahul) guys we knew they’d take time to get their eye in and then we could get going.’

In conclusion, the clash between Farid Khan and Irfan Pathan over a light-hearted tweet serves as a reminder of the passion and intensity that cricket rivalry brings out in fans and pundits alike. It’s a testament to the power of the sport to unite and divide, all in the spirit of competition. The Asia Cup 2023 may have ended on the field, but the debates and discussions it ignited off the field will likely continue for some time.

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