Disha Patani’s Boyfriend Surprises Her with an Unbelievable Tattoo!! See Her Priceless Reaction!!

Disha Patani, the popular Bollywood actress, has expressed her heartfelt appreciation for Aleksandar Ilic’s recent tattoo of her face on his arm. Rumors about their relationship have intrigued fans, and this meaningful gesture from Aleksandar has sparked a wave of emotions.

Aleksandar Ilic’s New Tattoo 

Disha Patani’s rumored connection with Aleksandar Ilic has been a topic of interest for a while. Recently, Aleksandar got a tattoo of Disha’s face on his arm, and it has captured everyone’s attention.

Disha was visibly moved by this display of friendship and admiration. She shared a photo of Aleksandar flaunting his bicep and the tattoo on her Instagram Stories, expressing her gratitude.

Disha’s post carried a heartwarming message alongside the image of Aleksandar’s tattoo. She mentioned that she felt deeply touched by Aleksandar’s gesture and expressed her sense of luck to have him as a friend.

Disha’s caption conveyed her feelings with emojis, showcasing her heartfelt connection with Aleksandar. The post read, “I am so touched, Alexii. So lucky to have you, my friend. 💖❤️ #BFF ❤️.”

Disha took to social media to share her feelings and showcase the touching tribute from her friend:

Disha Patani Boyfriend Tattoo

Tattoo Parlour’s Excitement and Revelation

Aleksandar Ilic’s tattoo parlour also contributed to the story by sharing a video of the process on Instagram. This added another layer of depth to the appreciation of Aleksandar’s tattoo. The caption underscored the significance of the artwork, describing it as:

“From shoulder to wrist, a canvas of culture.” 

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Rumored Romance: Disha Patani and Aleksandar Ilic’

Speculation about Disha Patani and Aleksandar Ilic’s relationship sparked interest last year when they were frequently seen together at various events. Their appearances together and interactions on social media have fueled the speculation. Disha and Aleksandar’s camaraderie has been evident on their respective Instagram profiles:

In a previous interview with Bombay Times, Aleksandar Ilic responded to the dating rumors by addressing the ongoing speculation. He emphasized that they know the truth and encouraged a respectful approach to their personal lives.

Aleksandar expressed confusion over the need for speculation and preferred to let individuals live peacefully. He added that they simply laughed off these stories.

Disha Patani Boyfriend Tattoo

Upcoming Ventures and Projects

Disha Patani has an exciting lineup ahead. She is set to make her directorial debut with a music video titled “Kyun Karu Fikar.”

Additionally, she will be seen in the upcoming films “Yodha,” alongside Sidharth Malhotra, and “Kanguva” with South superstar Suriya.


Disha Patani’s heartfelt appreciation for Aleksandar Ilic’s tattoo tribute showcases the depth of their friendship. The meaningful gesture has resonated with fans, adding an emotional layer to the ongoing intrigue surrounding their relationship.

As Disha Patani continues to shine in the film industry, her bond with Aleksandar Ilic remains a heartwarming and intriguing element of her journey. Stay hooked to Digi Hind News for a dose of exclusive updates and captivating articles- your info fix is just a bookmark away!!

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