Kuber Group Owner’s Lawyer: ‘Vikas Malu Can’t Walk Properly, How Will He Drive?’ Rolls Royce-Truck Accident

In a shocking turn of events on Tuesday, August 22, Kuber Group owner Vikas Malu found himself during a lethal accident on the bustling Delhi-Expressway near the Umri village, Nuh, Haryana. This unfortunate incident saw his speeding Rolls Royce Phantom car colliding with a truck, resulting in a tragic outcome that claimed two lives and injured four others. Among the injured was Vikas Malu, the chairman of Kuber Group, who is receiving medical attention in a private hospital.

Vikas Malu – Not Behind the Wheel

Contrary to initial assumptions, Vikas Malu was not in the driver’s seat when the accident occurred. According to reports from MEDIA, his lawyer revealed that Vikas Malu was in no condition to drive due to pre-existing health issues, which left him struggling to stand upright. Instead, Vikas Malu’s driver, Tasbir, was at the wheel when the collision transpired.

Vikas Malu’s lawyer, R K Thakur, also clarified that he had not given any specific instructions to the driver regarding the speed of the car. Interestingly, Thakur pointed out that driving excessively slowly on a highway can sometimes pose greater dangers than driving at higher speeds.

Injuries Sustained by Vikas Malu

The consequences of this tragic accident were dire. Vikas Malu suffered an elbow injury during the collision and an injury to his spine, necessitating immediate medical attention. He was promptly admitted to a private hospital in Gurugram to address these injuries.

Kuber Group Owner's Lawyer ‘vikas Malu Can't Walk Properly, How Will He Drive’ Rolls Royce-truck Accident
Kuber Group Owner’s Lawyer ‘vikas Malu Can’t Walk Properly, How Will He Drive’ Rolls Royce-truck Accident

The Unfortunate Collision

The accident occurred as Vikas Malu’s Rolls Royce cruised approximately 230 kilometers per hour. The catalyst for this catastrophe was an oil tanker on the highway, which signaled its intention to make a U-turn. Tragically, the car collided with the oil tanker at this high velocity, resulting in the unfortunate demise of the truck driver and another individual in the truck. The impact was so severe that it caused the Rolls Royce to catch fire. Fortunately, timely intervention by rescuers saved Vikas Malu and the other passengers from the flames.

The Eyewitnesses

At the time of the accident, Vikas Malu was accompanied by a female acquaintance, and his driver was also in the vehicle. However, his lawyer vehemently denied the claims that Vikas Malu was driving the car when the accident transpired. The police have indicated that they will record the statements of all involved parties once they have sufficiently recovered.

The police are diligently investigating the cause of this catastrophic accident, focusing on determining whether Vikas Malu was behind the wheel.

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This unfortunate incident on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway has left many questions unanswered, and as the investigation continues, the details surrounding this tragedy are expected to become clearer.

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