Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date Confirmed or Not!

Fans haven’t seen the popular anime series in almost three years, but if online rumors are to be believed, “Dragon Ball Super” Season 2 may debut in the first half of this year.

Since its 1984 manga debut, “Dragon Ball” has been one of the most well-known media properties. With apparently unlimited narratives to come, it has been adapted over time into several anime shows, films, and even computer games.

The main character of “Dragon Ball” is a young guy named Goku with a monkey tail and many other unique abilities. He meets the vivacious Bulma, and together they quest for seven potent dragon balls that, when combined, can fulfill any wish.

Goku eventually studies martial arts under Master Roshi, where he also makes the friend who would become his best buddy, Krillin. Goku and his friends engage in various adventures, make new friends (and enemies), and enjoy themselves.


“Dragon Ball Super,” which debuted in 2015 and is set after Majin Buu has been defeated, is one of the most popular “Dragon Ball” franchise series. There haven’t been any updates on the well-liked spin-off since “Dragon Ball Super” was canceled in 2018, according to Anime News Network, after 131 episodes.

Many fans wonder if another season of the anime series will accompany the “Dragon Ball Super” movies since Toei Animation revealed that a second “Dragon Ball Super” film will debut in 2022. What is known about “Dragon Ball Super” Season 2 is listed below.

Possible Release Date

A few weeks after the popular anime finished, mangaka Akira Toriyama announced that there would be another “Dragon Ball Super” episode. A new division of Toei Animation dedicated to creating “Dragon Ball” content was established in 2018.

But with almost three years and the COVID-19 pandemic’s consequences taken into account, the hush regarding the potential release of “Dragon Ball Super” Season 2 is loud.

Fans’ only lead into the rumored anime prequel is a tweet from Saiyan Prince Vegeta’s voice actor Ryo Horikawa. The voice actor claimed in a tweet that he had just met with Toei Animation, but he withheld further details from his followers. The hashtag “Dragonball” was added at the tweet’s end.

Fans believe Horikawa’s hints that he would be participating in the early stages of “Dragon Ball Super” Season 2 are a sign that he might be. As of publication, Toei has not officially said it is developing the popular anime series’ sequel. Three years after “Dragon Ball: Broly” hit theaters, many fans, however, think that the second season could debut in the middle of this year, in June 2021 or Winter 2021.

Potential Plot And Villains

The second season of “Dragon Ball Super” may follow the elaborate narrative of the manga’s Moro arc. Moro is a formidable antagonist that easily fits the mold of the series’ adversaries. Moro is far more terrible than Cell or Majin Buu in terms of being a significant threat to the multiverse and the demon who plagued the universe and gained power by consuming the life energy of worlds.

According to other theories, Toei will forgo the manga and create an original plot. There is currently no information regarding “Dragon Ball Super” Season 2. And until Toei Animation communicates with fans, rumors and leaks about the much-anticipated anime sequel should be treated with caution.

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