The Future of Rick and Morty Without Justin Roiland: What We Know About Season 7

Future episodes of “Rick and Morty” will look very different. After allegations of domestic violence and sending inappropriate messages to minors surfaced, Adult Swim fired Justin Roiland, the co-creator and voice actor for the show’s two main characters, in January. The production, however, must go on, and Roiland has already been replaced. This is the complete list of season two details.

Justin Roiland Recast for “Rick and Morty” Season 7 Release Date

Adult Swim has confirmed that Rick and Morty co-creator and voice actor Justin Roiland will be replaced for season seven. Rick hinted at what will happen in season seven at the end of season six. Season seven of “Rick and Morty“… Looking for my enemy. Not every episode, Morty; it may happen in the background as you struggle to stay healthy while juggling dishes.

Changes in the Creative Team for “Rick and Morty

As previously stated, Justin Roiland will not be returning to his roles as the voice of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith. Adult Swim has named no successor as of yet. We anticipate returning cast members Chris Parnell (Morty’s dad Jerry), Spencer Grammer (Summer), and Sarah Chalke (Rick’s daughter Beth). Changes to the show’s creative staff have been substantial since Roiland’s departure. The seventh season will have new writers and producers.

The Future of Rick and Morty Without Justin Roiland
The Future of Rick and Morty Without Justin Roiland

What to Expect from “Rick and Morty” Season 7

Short Rick and Morty episodes are released irregularly to help bridge the gap between seasons. Samurai & Shogun is one of the greatest, an official samurai take on the program done for five minutes (in Japanese!) by a Japanese animation studio.

If you found that entertaining, you might also like… Samurai and Shogun: The Sequel! Yes, this sequel continues (and wraps up) the anime adventure that began in the first.

Another animated short, Rick and Morty vs. Genocider, was released after Season 5 of the show. This one is much longer than the last one, and it has a little more of a plot, thanks to director Takashi Sano (Tower of God).

Bushworld Adventures, Michael Cusack’s 11-minute Australian epic, and follow-up to YOLO: Crystal Fantasy, is easily the strangest of the bunch. Don’t try to make sense of it, but enjoy the ride.

Fans can expect the same amount of humor, absurdity, and science-fiction references that have made the program a smash, while details are still limited. The show’s makers have vowed that in the upcoming season, they will delve into uncharted territory and introduce new characters and plotlines.

Addressing the Controversy Surrounding “Rick and Morty

The show’s producers have not chosen to disregard the uproar caused by Justin Roiland’s departure. The issue’s unclear how, but they’ve pledged to deal with the problem in the upcoming season.

Finally, we couldn’t wrap things up without mentioning the three Christopher Lloyd–led live-action Rick and Morty movies that aired on Adult Swim. Lloyd’s portrayal of Doc Brown served as the original inspiration for Rick.


Despite the departure of Justin Roiland, “Rick and Morty” fans can still look forward to the show’s seventh season. There is plenty to be excited about with a new creative team and new directions for the show.

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