Bengaluru News: Drunk Woman Fights Police Over Church Street Parking!!!

An intoxicated woman was seen shouting at and assaulting police officers in public during a scene unfolding in Bengaluru.

The incident video has since gone viral, with many commenters expressing disapproval of the woman’s drunken antics.

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A fight over a parking problem

It happened late on a Sunday night on Church Street, where various bars and clubs are located. According to reports, the intoxicated woman and the police officers fought because her car was parked illegally. During her rant, she allegedly yelled obscenities at the local cops.

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Sent home, a woman

When it was discovered that there were no female police there, the officers sent the woman safely home in a car with the assistance of another woman present.

Bengaluru News Drunk Woman Fights Police Over Church Street Parking
Bengaluru News Drunk Woman Fights Police Over Church Street Parking

Citizen react

While some asserted that the woman was a North Indian immigrant since she spoke a Hindi-English pidgin rather than the native Kannada tongue when attempting to communicate with the crowd.

The state’s citizens quickly condemned the drunk woman’s actions after the video went viral online. Someone from Bengaluru tweeted, “These worthies are destroying our Bengaluru tradition and culture.”

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