‘S**** Bola Humko, Chhodenge Nahi’: Drunk Youth Brutally Attacks Guard With Pipe Over Dwarka Parking Dispute; Video Viral

An intoxicated man in Dwarka sector-6, Delhi’s Manglik Appartments, allegedly used a pipe to attack a security guard over a parking dispute. The security man was hurt and bleeding from the head and face.

But things changed drastically when two guys drove the Guard to the accused’s house to question him about the assault. The ensuing verbal altercation was caught on tape from a nearby cell phone. Both parties were heard calling one other names and making threats.

Sahil is known to be the assailant of the Guard. When the Guard was first brought to the residence of the accused, the accused was questioned by his parents about whether or not he had beaten the Guard.

The accused admitted to using a pipe to strike the Guard, but he tried to justify his actions by alleging the Guard had insulted him by calling him “small.” The accused, attempting to justify his attack on the Guard, says, “Saala bola,” and continues by saying, “Challenge nahin” (won’t spare).

The boy’s parents are currently reprimanding him for assaulting the Guard. But the accused, who is intoxicated, begins verbally attacking the two men who brought the Guard with them to report the assault.

The accused’s parents are suspicious of the two guys who showed up at their house so late at night, which leads to a verbal barrage of abuses and threats being shouted at one other. In the video, the accused man claims that his mother is the society’s president and that she confronts the Guard about letting strangers inside the facility.

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There was another woman there who had come to find out what had happened, and she and the man’s parents got into an argument. The accused continues to exchange insults with the males outside as their parents engage in heated discussions about their behavior well into the night. Finally, the police are called by the two guys and the woman who arrives later to investigate.

Warning: the video at this link uses profanity and other severe language. Warning: graphic content.

Reporter and filmmaker Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj tweeted that she had spoken with police about the incident, that an FIR had been filed, and that the suspect had been discovered intoxicated.

Mr. Ashish Dubey, SHO of Dwarka South, and I just got off the phone. This suspect has been the subject of a filed police report. Sections 323, 341, and 506 of the MLC of the accused were done, and they show high alcohol levels; However, he has not been detained because these charges are bailable. “The public supports the Guard,” she tweeted.

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