Esha Deol’s Candid Revelations: Protective Father Dharmendra and Her Independence!!

In a recent interview with ETimes, Esha Deol, known for her throwback posts featuring her dad Dharmendra, opened up about a surprising aspect of her relationship with the veteran actor.

She shared insights into how her “orthodox Punjabi male” father was initially against her entering the world of Bollywood due to his protective nature. Despite this, Esha’s journey towards independence was significantly influenced by the strong women in her life.

Father’s Protective Nature Towards Esha Deol

Esha Deol explained that her father’s reluctance for her to join the film industry came from his roots as an “orthodox Punjabi male.” Such men often exhibit strong protective tendencies towards the women in their families.

For Dharmendra, this protective nature was a reflection of his love and concern for his daughter, rather than a desire to hold her back. As time passed, Esha’s passion for acting and her personal journey helped her father come to terms with her career choice.

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Influential Women and Financial Independence

Esha Deol highlighted the profound influence of women in her family who played pivotal roles in shaping her life choices. Growing up amidst her grandmother, aunt, cousins, and mother, Esha witnessed their strength and dedication to work.

This environment naturally instilled in her a drive for independence. At the age of 18, she chose to enter the workforce and become financially self-reliant, which she attributes to the empowering atmosphere she was raised in.

Esha Deol Revealed about Protective Father Dharmendra

Throwbacks and Family Bonds

Esha’s revelations come in the wake of her heartwarming throwback posts with her father. Sharing a childhood photo, she playfully reminisced about her cheerful and lively demeanor as a child. The candid pictures showcase the strong bond between the father-daughter duo, while Esha’s words reflect her playful spirit and gratitude:


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In the context of family dynamics, Dharmendra’s recent cryptic post after his grandson’s wedding caught attention. The post was dedicated to his daughters and his wife Hema Malini.

Esha responded affectionately, sharing a heartfelt photo from her wedding and expressing her unwavering love for her father:


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Dharmendra expressed his love and respect, hinting at underlying sentiments that he didn’t fully elaborate upon:


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Bonding Of Esha and Her Father

Despite occasional complexities, the Deol family found common ground at a special screening of ‘Gadar 2.’ Esha Deol, along with her brothers Sunny and Bobby, shared a memorable moment together, showcasing that family ties remain strong despite occasional differences:


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On the professional front, Esha Deol marked her digital debut with “Rudra: The Edge of Darkness,” starring alongside Ajay Devgn. She further enriched her acting portfolio with the web series “Hunter: Tootega Nahi Todega,” where she shared screen space with Suniel Shetty.

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Esha Deol’s candid revelations about her father’s protective instincts shed light on the complexities of family dynamics and the ways they shape individual journeys. From Dharmendra’s initial concerns to Esha’s determination to stand on her own, this journey reflects the delicate balance between love, protection, and the pursuit of personal aspirations.

Through throwbacks, shared moments, and professional accomplishments, Esha Deol’s story resonates with the universal theme of family bonds and individual growth. Engage with the most recent happenings related to the celebrities you hold dear with Digi Hind News.

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